Colorado Springs Raw Food Support Meetings

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If you are curious, interested or invested in the raw and living foods lifestyle and looking to meet nice people and families where you can give and receive support, this is the place for you!

We believe that our bodies were originally designed to thrive off a fresh, natural plant food diet as described in Genesis 1:29. We also believe that unnatural living, eating processed and cooked foods and a sedentary lifestyle contributes to disease. We believe that eating a fresh, whole plant food diet along with other healthy and positive lifestyle changes will promote our bodies to heal from many ailments and prevent future disease.

We invite you to join us for relaxed, open discussions on various topics, lots of support on our raw food journeys, trading recipes and ideas and joining monthly themed Raw Lucks!

When: We meet every Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM

Where: The patio at Whole Foods (off Academy North of Woodmen)



  • I had no idea there was a raw food community so close! I live in Castle Rock, about half an hour north of Colorado Springs but Im always down there for various things. This is so exciting. I look forward to attending one of these raw lucks in the future!

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