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high protein diet help

hi everyone,
i’m about to embark on a new adventure in life as a volunteer for a year and i fear i will need a much higher protein diet. can anyone give me some great convenient advice about good ways to achieve this? my time to prepare will be shortened so maybe also something not so long for preparation would make sense, but anything will help!
Thank you all!


  • Why not just have plenty of seed butters and goji berries on hand? both are excellent raw source for protein, fats, carbs. Gojis have 11g protein most nut or seed buttters have between 5-10g per Tbl. Good luck! Where are you going anyway? I am curious what would neccesitate more protien as far as location goes.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie
  • dragoneyz2: Thank you for the goji idea, I actually do have a bag of them! and for the nut butters I know a place that has inexpensive cashew butter in the bulk so I should go get some more. As for the volunteering I am not leaving from where I live but am now part of Americorps, the Mile High Youth Corps to be exact and we’ll be working outside in local and state parks. For some reason with my build it’s hard for me to be doing labor intensive tasks and I will be doing just that everyday for a year. So I am concerned about my stamina and also making sure I’m getting enough protein!
    Kandace: Thank you for the link I will try it out although I am really turned off by the taste of tahini!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    chia seeds, have them on hand all the time. soak a few tablespoons in filtered water for 10 minutes and you’ve got yourself enough energy to last at least 5 hours. not the most gourmet thing, but easy, quick, nutritious, and cost effective as well. chia seeds are a complete protein and an amazing source of energy.
    good on you for volunteering!

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Elizabethh, where do you find your chia seeds?

  • DelphineDelphine Raw Newbie

    Mushrooms are high in protein so you might consider adding some to your dishes &/or dehydrating some (see various recipes on goneraw). For more info. about each type: www.fungusamongus.com

    you can buy some chia seeds here:

    May this be helpful to you both : )

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    I get my chia seeds from a local farmers market, from the company “Nujima Living Foods.”
    I’m sure you could find them at a local health food store or market.

  • Spirulina is very high in protein, 71g of protien per 100g, it’s amazing stuff. Easy on your digestion to, and if you are going to be working hard all day it may be easier to keep up your stamina if you keep the fats down a bit, they can make you feel a bit sluggish, but do make sure that you get them in at the end of the day.
    You can add it to smoothies, salads or salad dressings.

  • thanks guys this is all very helpful.
    Delphine: I really dislike mushrooms, the taste kind of makes me gag. I wonder if there’s a good way to disguise them!?
    MOTH: yeah I’ve been looking for chia seeds at all the natural markets but haven’t found any. Online is probably a good way, although I don’t really like doing it that way, oh well.
    KarenK: I haven’t really had too much spirulina, it’s like a powder thing right? Is it worth the investment to find out?

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