Low energy- is this detox?

Hello, I have been doing 100% raw foods for a week now (after doing 50% for a month) and I am feeling pretty tired and just low energy. I feel like I could sleep in for much longer than I do (and I already have been getting plenty of sleep). Also, since I am feeling low in energy, I have been reaching for a lot of sweet raw foods like dates, carob balls, raw cookies, etc.

Any ideas? Even green smoothies are wearing off! Is this part of detox? Help? Thanks!


  • Hi Marysia,

    I also had the lethargic thing when I first started, I slept in loads and lots all willpower for anything and any energy would come in fits and starts. I wouldn’t worry too much, it will go – according to others before me. Other detox symptoms for me have been, gas, massive mood swings, dubious bowel movements, pins and needles, cleaning my house like a mad thing! This should apparently initially last about 2 weeks to a month and the detox symptoms lessen (although you will still be detoxing for a good while). Shazzie’s journals (on Shazzie.com though she doesn’t need much more promotion it would seem) are a good indicator of how someone might feel on a day-to-day basis. And when the detox does finish…. :-)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    according to this colon hydrotherapist i spoke with, when you are feeling this way on raw you either need to eat some healthy cooked food (at night only, in good combos), or get a colonic. if you are trying to detox too rapidly there simply is no evacuation route for THAT MUCH old rubbish, so you either need to slow it down (with cooked whole grains and/or steamed veggies), or get help to “let it all out.”

    you should feel GREAT on raw, not depleted. by reaching for the raw sweets and fats you are trying to slow down the detox, but there are better options.

    hope that helps,

    p.s. “http://www.therawfooddetoxdiet.com/knowledge_base_colonics.php”;
    to find a local hydrotherapist. it’s REALLY not as bad as you think! promise.

  • Hi Pianissima,

    I’ve been doing colonics for about a year now (and by the way, for those of you who don’t beleive you need to, you won’t beleive how much impacted waste you have on your colon!!) Any way, I was wondering if you ever have trouble with really bad gas after your colonic.. It always starts about 3 to 5 hours after the colonic and we can’t seem to figure out why this keeps happening. We’ve tried adding chloroplyll directly into the water for the last 15 minutes, peppermint capsules afterwards, or eating steamed veggies instead of raw for that evening but nothing has helped. Any ideas?

  • IN my opinion, colonics are just too much pressure on the colon. Enemas and or herbs are much better. Check out www.herbdoc.com. Dr. Schulze sells his superfood which is packed with nutrients and I know form my own experience that it works and it will give you energy. You are out of energy because you are detoxifying. You can speed this process up by doing an extended juice fast. And/ Or, you can take some of Dr. Schulze’s products like the 30 day detox, the where do I start program…. if you have an organ in specific that is not working say, the liver, do a liver detox.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you all! I just got my enema kit so I guess I’ll put it to use tommorow morning and hope it helps! Thanks so much for the insight!!!

  • Good luck with the enema.

    In the meantime, I’ve found that when I feel tired it is because I’m getting too much sugar/stimulants in my diet. It’s when I cut out the dates, bananas and chocolate and eat many more greens (with enough fruit to make it palatable) that my blood sugar seems to balance out… I stop feeling tired all the time.

    Also, I’ve heard that there’s a seasonal pattern to successful detoxing (if you plan to go that route). I think it’s bowels in the fall, liver in the winter, kidneys in the spring…but don’t quote me on that! The underlying idea is that you clear the way for easy exit of the toxins, and the time of the year applies to when the particular organ is most apt to be thoroughly cleansed. It’s particularly important to have clean bowels before doing a liver detox so you don’t end up accidentally re-absorbing the toxins from your liver through obstructed bowels and poisoning yourself.

  • Hollis Fascinating! Gee… you’re smart :) I was thinking of doing the mater cleanse in a few days. Do you think this would be bad timing? (provided I do an enema or two before?)

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