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Who here eats mostly fruit or says they are a fruitarian? I am curious on what you are eating and how much. I eat mostly fruit, well, for the last 2-3 weeks mainly. I have pretty much cut out most dehydrated foods, a little here and there is about it. i am wondering if i am not eating enough or not properly. yea, i know that sounds funny, not eating enough. I have seen what some people as fruitarians eat and i am pretty active, but thats a whole lota fruit! I have been watching my food combining too. I have noticed some changes that i am not too happy about since i have been more fruitarian and dont know what is going on….. I know that is a lot of questions but any insite would be great. thanks


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Hello! I would consider myself 80% fruitarian. I would not recommend that you go straight fruitarian, because you do need some greens in your diet. What you could do is blend some greens in with a smoothie or make fresh green salad tossed whith some acidic fruit. Dont be too strict on yourself now, because that could lead to a disaster. I also recommend that you take B-12 supllement.Calorie wise, I think bananas will become your best friend. I eat a lot of bananas (10-15 daily) and they have become my favorite food :) Other higher calorie fruits are mangos,avos,mature coconut and durian(yum!) I really hoped that helped you out a bit.


  • I am pretty much the same. I love salads and cannot give them up and i wont. I do the smoothies, juicing, etc but 10-15 bananas a day what else do you eat besides bananas and how do you space this out? I guess i just havent been eating enough lateley because i have been having issues w/ digestion, not flowing like normal, but i feel better eating like this so i am just confused….... trying to figure all this out im pretty new. yes, your comment did help

  • I don’t want to send people away from this board as it is great but if you want to get a lot of answers on a high fruit diet (not fruitarian but high % fruits) the best place is at vegsource dot com slash talk slash raw slash index dot html. Most of the people here are into the high fat diet with lots of dehydrated nuts and seeds. I enjoy reading both boards.

  • Thanks socal, i dont take it that way. I want info from as many sources as possible. I am new to this so all is helpful. thanks

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi SocaL: Thanks for the info. Feel free to post links to other sites, boards and information. We’re all here to share and learn!

  • Debbie5125Debbie5125 Raw Newbie

    I know there are some fruitarian websites. I can’t recall their names, but a quick search should lead to them. I’ve toyed with eating mostly fruits. But of course, listen to your body. If digestion is becoming an issue, consider proper food combining, maybe a digestive enzyme while transitioning, or maybe a slower transition. Or, maybe fruitarian isn’t perfect for your stomach. I’m sure there is a balance somewhere.

    Goodluck. Debbie

  • SystemSystem Raw Newbie

    I’ve been eating more fruit in the last couple of days, and I’ve had some tummy aches too. I went back to some of the forums, and I’m assuming it’s the food combination.

    I’ve for example had papaya followed by a banana and later a grapefruit. Is this a bad combo? I know my body likes the papaya and the grapefruit, so I’m thinking it might not like the banana? Can any one answer my question (maybe humanimal, our banana expert?) Thanks!

  • Most fruit takes about 30 mins to leave the stomach. Banana’s take more (45 mins) and I think citrus does too. Melons take less and they should always be eater alone. DOn’t mix fatty fruits (avos) with sweet fruits either.

    Sounds like the combination of sweet fruit, citrus and banana’s caused some fermentation in your stomach.


  • Citrus fruits should be eaten first before the sweet fruits. Sweet fruits like banana and papaya can be eaten together. Probably you didn’t feel right because you ate citrus after the sweet fruits.

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