juicing to curb cravings

I read that chocolate cravings can stem from deficiency in magnesium, serotonin, vandium, chromium…
Any juicing recipe that would supply these?


  • KristensRawKristensRaw Raw Newbie

    You could eat Raw chocolate :)

    Or…I find that simply increasing my intake with a variety of greens (whether by juicing or green smoothies) greatly helps any cravings.

    Kristen Suzanne

  • Funny, I just wrote about not craving chocolate anymore! Yes, green smoothies saved me!! As well as eating raw in general…I have far fewer cravings for the bad stuff!

  • smoothies are an excellent way to curb chocolate cravings….I also find that if you have a sweet tooth that wont go away, try KOMBUCHA juice…available at most health food stores…..they have so many flavors and they taste great…they curb mosly any cravings, and are full of anti oxidants…my fav is the strawberry =)

  • its not a juice, but try mixing a little agave and carob, or raw cacao powder together until smooth. it tastes delicious. especially over some strawberries or bananas.

  • Hey, thanks for all the responses. I never would have believed that greens would curb my sweet tooth so quickly! The first day, I consumed a juiced carrot/greens/lime/ginger combo throughout the day, the next day I did the same but I also did the above as smoothies. (Not fasting or feasting by the way). Its only been three days and I am not searching the cupboards/fridge for that chocolate “fix” anymore. I might think about it, but its not a compulsion- or a “gotta have it!” urge. When I did have chocolate (not raw) I didn’t have to keep eating it all day long!

    Another question: from experience, what has been most effective in curbing cravings? powdered green superfoods, fresh greens as a smoothie/juice, or a simple wheatgrass shot? What is it about greens that do this anyway?

    Oh, I just started wheatgrass- took a one ounce shot this morning. What is the average amount to consume? Can you end up detoxing to fast?

    RawHoney- I actually like carob, I think I will try what you suggested the next time I buy bananas.

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