heyo people!

well i could do with as much advice and support you people can give me! hehe its been 3 weeks since i started this im not totally raw but now i have all these great recipes at my finger tips thats all gonna change so who wants to go 100% raw with me? i will start in a week? ive been so in the dark about food for so long and cant believe ive finally found this awesum lifestyle! as i dont no any vegans or raw people at all! this will be my main support so im looking forward to getting to no some of you amazing people right thats all for now im going to have my smoothy YUM ;)


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I discoveed this way of life last summer, studied it for awhile and finally attempted it 9/07. I lasted 2 wks. and the cravings were so bad I ended up back in the SAD fo awhile. I never gave up my green smoothies though! I recommited for the new year and have been about 99 % and feeling great. I still have a lot of muscle pain on some days so I still have some healing to do from my slide back into junk food but things are definitely improving. Good luck on your journey. Nobody in my circle of friends or family is even vegetarian, including my husband, but he supportive of me on my journey to optimum health.

  • thanx deborahann i totally no what you mean it can be difficult i find because no one else around me is into this that i find alot of people wondering if ive got an eating disorder or something! lol if only they knew thanx for your reply xx

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