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What's your exercise?

Hey everyone, I started a thread that discussed yoga and running that was very helpful and it made me want to learn more about raw foodies’ exercise habits. What’s everyone’s typical exercise (daily or weekly)? Do you like what you do or do wish it could be different in some way?

During a week I typically do 3 days ~75 min ashtanga style yoga, 3 days of 45 minutes running/cardio of some sort. I’m enjoying it but don’t feel totally settled in my routine because I just recently started adding in the yoga. Love yoga but my body’s still adjusting to the different type of activity.

I’m very curious to hear what you all are up to :)



  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    An exercise routine indoors… does not work for me. But, may be if I had a jump rope or rebounder.

    We prefer getting outdoors. ...cycling to work, rock climbing, hiking, walking, or mountain biking. I recently tried canoeing and enjoyed it. But, you’d have to drag me up to the snow slopes for skiing/snowboarding; so, I need a winter outdoor sport!

    I didn’t have the patience for yoga… I tried. ...just need to work on patience more.

  • My routine used to be 45-60 minutes of cardio 3 days a week. The days in between I would do about 30 minutes of cardio and strength training afterwards. Yoga class once a week (usually on weekends). Once I started trying to be 100% raw, I found I had less time to go to the gym and was so focused on preparing raw meals that I spent less time exercising.

    Now I am trying to find a balance, and my bf and I joinged a new gym that offers various classes. So I now I have been doing an hour of cardio 3 times a week, and then a few classes a week (yoga, various “dance”, core training, etc).

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    30 minutes moderate yoga (mostly stretching) first thing in the morning, 30 minutes cardio later in the day. yoga everyday, cardio about 5-6 days a week. if i know i’m going out clubbing or something i won’t do the cardio, figure i make up for it in dance!

  • Im a runner..training for a marathon..run, ride, swim, strength train daily as well as yoga 3-4x/wk…has anyone on here ever run a marathon while being a raw vegan? Just wondering what others consume while on 3 hr training runs and during the 26 miles 365 yards…

  • hi there – interesting topic!

    i go for a 30-60 minute walk with my dog every weekday morning
    and alternate short (30-40 min) gym visits that include cardio and weights with yoga (45 min usually)

    I also teach dance in the evenings (4-5 hours a night), but my activity level is not always consistent while I am teaching since I demonstrate and dance different amounts week to week depending on what we are working on.

    My partner and I plan on taking an indoor rock climbing corse next month and I am really excited to try out something new, fitness wise.

    Cruiser cycling and roller skating are also favorite activities but it is too cold to really enjoy these activities in Vancouver right now!

  • I do pilates often and creative aerobics. Or maybe I’ll go for a jog, a long walk, or a walk or jog on the treadmill. I work all day outside in the summer. Often, I like skip roping, bycicling, and running. I love variety!!!


  • I’m big time into weight training, about 30-60 minutes about 5 days a week. I also love to hike and bike ride on the weekends with my husband. I really want to add more yoga to balance out my routine and increase my flexibility, but so far I seem to always be in the mood to pump iron!

  • I run for 60 minutes, three or four times a week. When it’s cold I run around an indoor track. Green smoothies create so much clean burning energy I don’t know what to do with all of it.
    Hiking is wonderful too, but there aren’t many national parks here in Nebraska, which is too flat for hiking anyway.

  • Wow, you are all amazing! I wish I could do half as much as any of you. But, honestly, I don’t have an exercise program. I do yoga about once a week, not enough to make a difference but enough to keep my sane. And then I have the ranch, which means lots of exercise, just not typical. I don’t ride in the winter because I’m just a wimp when it comes to cold but in the summer I ride horses a lot, everyday pretty much. And once it’s nice, I’ll start chasing yearling and two year olds (horses) around a round pen and teach them to lead, etc. Right now though, I just trudge through the snow with hay for about an hour twice a day, chase dogs and kittens and that’s about it. Before the ranch I did used to run 2 – 3 miles a day everyday but I couldn’t do that now! Well, I’d have the energy but I’d be mush at the end!

  • I think that “working out” is silly, I think that what you do should be for the fun of it and not to “get in shape,” or whatever… But maybe some people think stair masters are fun. In any case, I don’t. I am a full-time student and bike everywhere which comes out to around 2-3 hours a day,more on the weekends, I highly recomend this so so many reasons. It saves money and makes you slow down because it takes longer to get everwhere, also, it is so much fun. There is a whole bike culture that is just so amazing (full-moon bike rides at midnight!). I had this friend who spent a summer biking and after that, was the most in shape she had ever been, until she started driving of course, but I won’t go there. I’m also on my school’s cross country team meaning I run/strech/warm-up for about 2 hours three days a week, I’m also a dancer and dance for about 2 hours two days a week.

    Notice that none of this is very upperbody and take note that my arms are just as strong as any other part of my body. Why? I am a professional bassist which, believe me, is much more fun (to me) than anything I mentioned above. I highly recond picking up an instrument, I know you’ve seen musicians sweating on stage, and that’s only half of it. Band practices twice a week and practicing solo everyday, it’s work and I love it.

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    I do karate 3 times a week and kickboxing 2 times a week and am hoping to start yoga at home by book.

  • Well since I am a mailman (letter carrier to be politically correct hahaha) I get to walk everyday and get paid for it! I love it!

  • OceanBlissOceanBliss Raw Newbie

    Walking is probably the best exercise in my opinion.

    First thing in the morning after my green smoothie I take my dog out and we go jogging for a good 15 minutes, then we walk for another 15, then jog back home..maybe 5-6 minutes. In the afternoon I like to jump on my mini trampoline and watch Dr. Phil, haha, and then I do some stretching for usually 1/2 an hour. I recently added yoga to my routine, I try to fit that in before bed because it’s relaxing.

  • I walk one mile 5 days a week. On Saturdays I do a yoga class (once a week). It’s good to circulate lymph fluids. In the yoga class, I notice that stuff that shouldn’t be there (from the former dairy diet) is disappearing. I can lift my legs more easily.

  • I walk to work through Central park every weekday morning, a three-mile walk. I am excited for daylight savings time to kick in so that I can walk home too. I used to be a big runner—I do love to run. But transitioning to raw has made me feel more at peace with myself and my body—I don’t think of exercise as this thing I have to do and plan for. I feel like it’s something I want to do b/c it feels good and because I have the energy now, and that’s a nice change in mindset!

  • I am training for a marathon so I do between 20-40 miles a week. However I love to cross-train and I do spinning, kickboxing, yoga, and weights. The yoga has helped so much it’s not even funny. I am more flexible, my balance is better, and my straingth has improved.. all three is essential to running.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    This topic is so inspiring! I joined a gym for the first time ever this past December and have been trying to make it every other day to do about 20 minutes of weights and 20 of cardio. When the weather permits, I also like to get in a nice, long hike on the weekends.

    I just got a yoga mat and am thinking about yoga on the days off from the gym. Do most of you take classes or do yoga at home?

  • It’s so fun and enlightening to read all of your posts! (love this website :) ) Kandace, the way I started yoga was by taking classes both ashtanga and mixed and because I enjoy astanga and wanted to be able to do my own yoga in between my weekly classes I got a mat, yoga flash cards and David Swenson’s “Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual”. I end up doing 1-2 days full ashtanga series and 3 days of abbreviated after some cardio. I definitely recommend taking a few classes to start and then periodically during your practice because it’s important to have an teacher’s advice and guidance. I agree with Kelly and Allison, yoga has totally changed my body and my outlook, just as raw food has. Kelly, I totally agree that doing more gentle exercise that is worked seamlessly into the day can be soo rewarding and less stressful than the typical workout!

  • I eat South Beach Diet TV dinners and strap the electrical abdomenal machine to me whilst watching Oprah.

    just kidding!.. i work out 6 days a week. 3 of those days is strictly weight training the other days are legs and swimming. When it starts to get warm i will be running the parks!.. i miss it so..

    i wanna get away from swimming indoors becuase their clorine is ridiculous..

  • I try to work out everyday. That way, if I miss a day, I won’t feel guilty about it. I work out with my trainer (resistance training) twice a week then after our session, I try to do about 20 min of cardio. The other days I do straight cardio ( at least 40 min). I so want to try yoga because just as I have read many of you comment on the great results you have experienced. I recently started running too ( I am up to 20 min each time I run!!!!) again I hear yoga helps with that. Not sure if the gym classes or a studio or a video to do at home is the best option when starting out with yoga. I have also heard some of you talk of heated yoga? Could someone explain what that means? Could someone also explain the “changes” you’re experencing doing yoga. So far I have lost 65 – 70 pounds. I believed I have reached a plateau since I have not lost in about 4 wks. but atleast I am not gaining. I am not 100% raw yet but I REALLY desire to be. I guess one thing at a time. I have developed a rountine with the working out and hoping that same discipline will roll over into the raw lifestyle. I just feel that I am not creative enough with the raw food which is why I think I am struggling. sometimes when I experiment with recipies, I feel like something is missing but I don’t know what it is (if that makes any sence). I hated cooking before I decided to try raw which I believe is my other issue. I have all the kitchen equipment too (except for a dehydrator which I am going half on with another friend who is trying raw)so I am very frustrated with myself right now. Every morning I do a green smoothie. I snack on nuts and fruit through the morning. I have a salad for lunch (need to experiement more on salad dressings I like though (right now I use guacamole)). Then more snacks till I go home. Dinner and weekends is where I lose it. I don’t know what I am going to do.

  • JEMS4, don’t lose heart! I definitely have some advice as I’m sure so many others do. I have to run to class but I hope to share some tidbits this evening. Definitely sounds like you’re on the right track! :)

  • Turns out I do have a little time :) JEMS4, first off congratulations on your weight lost and the improvement in your fitness, they really are terrific achievements. I always feel so lucky that I was active at a young age because I can only imagine how hard it is to start a whole new healthy routine and I really admire any and all people who make big healthy changes in their lifestyles :)

    Definitely don’t worry about a weight loss plateau, as you said, you’re not gaining and these plateau’s are certainly part of the process. Much better than losing too fast and regaining.

    As far as the yoga goes, I would definitely recommend taking a few beginner’s classes to start and then trying some specific styles to see what suits you best. Styles include vinyasa (flow), ashtanga (warm room, somewhat fast paced, series style), hatha, and bikram (heated room, 26 poses twice through). I haven’t tried bikram yet because a bikram studio isn’t convenient to where I live but I would definitely like to try. I think it would be best to start with some beggining classes before bikram because with the intense heat and the pace it may be hard on a beginner. (anyone who’s tried it feel free to comment, however). Some people enjoy yoga videos, others like me like the books, and others find they need a class for each practice. I think it just depends on what suits you.

    I personally have found that I’ve lost weight with yoga without trying, or needing to lose weight actually. Previously, I was doing 45-60 min intense cardio. With the yoga I feel really strong and toned all over. Also, because I don’t want to loose weight at this point I have to make an effort to make sure I’m eating enough because I think it reduces my appetite because of the relaxation and also becoming more in tune with my body and not pushing its limits, ex eating too much.

    As far as eating goes, if you’re not feeling satiated I would try to make sure that each meal has a small amount of fat and protein in it. Carbs tend to make us hungrier while protein fills us and fat keeps us satisfied. So add some flax seed or walnuts to your green smoothie and give sprouted quinoa a try (it’s a grain that’s wonderfully high in protein.

    Do you have any favorite foods that you miss on this new diet. Sometimes its fun to do raw versions that hit those same flavor and satisfaction notes.

    Hope that’s helpful :), what does everyone else recommend?

  • Yes, both of you ladies bring up great points!

    Yoga is amazing because it works on your body, but also your spirit and mind! Yoga helped me be less self critical because I became more aware of my own inner dialogue. Also, I feel much more centered (and therefore less likely to eat emotionally) when I practice yoga regularly.

    From a physical perspective, yoga is awsome because it does tone you all over. Sometimes, I dont feel like I am working very hard during a yoga class, but the next day I am sore in muscles I did not even know I had!

    At first, yoga can be a bit challanging, because you may not be able to go as far into all of the poses. At first, I thought it was boring. But that is exactly what yoga has helped me do! Get rid of that voice in my head that constantly critisizes “this sucks. Im not even working. I cant touch my toes. I dont want to do this.” Instead, yoga teaches us to listen to our bodies. As we do the poses (go only as far as you feel comfortable and love it!) and in real life. (“Do I really want a cookie, or maybe I want a sweet, juicy fruit?)

    Finally, as for Bikram, a lot of people get really into it, but it was a bit too intense for me. The idea is that the heat warms your muscles so you can go deeper into a pose. Also, you sweat, and this realeases toxins. It does feel good when you are done, but it was also a bit expensive for me and now I dont even have a studio near by.

    I would recommend trying a beginners class. If you can, try a few and see what teacher you like. Some teachers are more spiritual, and I like this, because they give me something to think about when I leave the class. Others, treat yoga more like a workout. See what you like!

    Good luck!!!

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    Aleta, im right there with you on the horse/ranch work excersize thingy, i have 3 acres and 5 equines to care for 7 days a week…not to mention the other beasties that live here, but i do find time for yoga( hatha , heated, 3 to 4 times a week, the class is an hour and half long and wonderful!) i used to swim a mile and half to two miles daily… did that for years with my riding and ranch work but some how when i found yoga i traded swimming for yoga! its nicer to my hair and my shoulders! and it makes me nicer too….. when i swam i was physically exhausted but my mind kept on going…when i do yoga my mind gets quiet and my body is energized…if you have tried yoga and hated it, try another type or another studio until you are comfortable…i am a yoga hound and love to share, i think everyone should try it!! my second favorite therapy is sitting with my horses while they slurp their hot bran mashes in the morning, its so very satisfying! If i had more time id walk, i walked for miles in Md on the bike and hike trail…but here in socal i prefer the beach its jsut not convenient to my house!

  • Yoga yoga and yoga! I do hot yoga, but a slight modification on the bikram series, the moksha series. usually 3 days a week for an hour and a half at a time. 1 day a week i do yin yoga which stretches and relaxes the connective and deep tissues. on a fifth day i either do a non-heated hatha or ashtanga class depending on what my body needs, or i do a home practice to work on postures i am struggling with alone. i would practice more but there are not enough hours in the day.

    yoga has changed my outlook on everything, and helped me find direction. as marysia said, it helps you to be aware of the voices in your head, and helps you center on what you are really needing.

    it is definitely getting me through an interesting time transitioning to eating raw and going through some major changes.

  • gymjunkiegymjunkie Raw Newbie

    I work out pretty vigorously everyday… it is my ultimate stress reliever! I am a competitive tri-athlete, so I do long morning swims, weight training every other day, daily runs (about eight to twelve miles) and as much serious ab work as possible. I also love seasonal sports, like cross-country skiiing and cycling outdoors. To put it simply, I absolutely love to move!

  • MopokeMopoke Raw Newbie

    Until I started raw about a year back, I did weekly ‘beginners’ class iyengar yoga but the teacher left town. I was pretty slothful otherwise and looked it.
    Also had severe spinal scoliosis which resulted in constant exhaustion (I never felt it as pain).
    I have been noticing so much body change since eating raw (much deeper than just dropping 14 kilos), that currently my only exercise, apart from an hour or so a day with the dogs, and a quick dip in the ocean, is three sessions a week of clinical pilates with a brilliant physiotherapist..
    He is restructuring my whole body :)
    It’s brilliant to feel that degree by degree I am transforming into a more healthy being.
    We are building up a bit of aerobic fitness atm with an exercise bike but I am a very hesitant of going back to yoga or swimming laps until I feel I have integrated the new postures a bit more. Despite the yoga of previous years holding me together I was unable to do any back bends, headstands and lots of other things because of the structural problems and I kept damaging myself whenever I tried….
    Meanwhile the good news is that, older than 50, I am wearing a bikini in public for the first time in my life (those quick dips) and feeling confident enough about my body to do so. Despite no hard working out I am lean and even a bit toned and I attribute this soley to the raw food and the gentle targeted pilates :)

  • runnagurl! I am also training for my next marathon, and it will be my first RAW marathon. I posted your very question on Alison’s website, and got great responses…. here is the link: http://www.rawfoodtalk.com/showthread.php?p=384…
    I am SO inspired, when is your race?

  • Thanks for posting that! Some real good suggestions and I think I’m going to try things in my training runs to see what works best for my body and just use what I feel best on for the big race day, May 4th. When is your race? I’ll be doing New Jersey Marathon..really looking forward to it

  • I love being outdoors exercising, but with the cold weather I have found that I need to be a little more creative with my exercise because I can’t stand the cold. I have stretched/done yoga just about everyday for the past 2 years. I walk to work which takes about 20 min. both ways. I was going for power walks and/or running outside when the weather was warm, but my aversion to cold has led me to alternating between jump roping indoors, “stair climbing” the flights in my apt. building and at home tae bo dvds. I like saving the money by not belonging to a gym.

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