What to bring to potluck????

Any ideas about what to bring to a potluck with about 30-45 people? I will defidently have to try the broccoli salad. What else can be simple and preferrably cheap?? (Because people naturally think that vegans are money wasters).


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Is this for a raw group?

    I would take a dessert. It looks more like ‘real’ food for the SAD eaters (unlike raw bread).

    If you make something heavy like a raw bread or loaf, raw food eaters typically get small servings. On the other hand, the SAD eaters will get normal size servings and its usually bigger so the food goes faster. (of course, this is just my experience)

    With that, maybe Hors d’oeuvres! is a good idea too. They are small, bite size, and more to go around. You can take something like:
    • onion bread topped with avocado or some veggie mixture
    • mini pizzas
    • mini burritos
    • zucchini rolls
    • cucumbers or bell peppers topped with a veggie mixture
    • stuffed tomato halves

    It should look appetizing!

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