April classes in Portland

kandacekandace Raw Newbie

The Gone Raw studio was alive with activity yesterday, as we spent a day in the garden with Chef Bruce Horowitz, who is teaching us all about gardening. Besides turning barren land into a bounty of food, Bruce is also teaching a couple raw food classes this month. They are:

Stalking the Wild Green Smoothie Sunday April 15 (10 am – 1 pm) cost $35

Wild greens are a sustainable source of the most nutritious, freshest, delicious, vital food available right in your backyard and neighborhood! On this foraging field trip to Oak Bottoms where you will learn to identify and harvest local wild greens. Afterwards we will blend-up a super-nutrient and life force-filled green smoothie from our fresh-harvested bounty! We will meet at the trailhead of Oak Bottoms on Milwaukee Avenue in the SE. For directions Call Bruce: 503 236 3124

Bread and Breakfast Sunday April 22 (10 am – 1pm) cost $50

Learn the art of making sprouted and dehydrated ‘un-baked’ goodies: sensational spelt cinnamon rolls, warm & crusty pumpernickel bagels with live, vegan creem cheez, crunchy granola and nut milk! 100% RAW, VEGAN AND ORGANIC HOMEMADE GOODNESS!! Class meets at 6213 SE 18th, Avenue, Portland 97202

There’s more info online. Also, I’m up for any questions you might have – I’ve taken a couple classes from Bruce in the last few months.

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