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i think it’s really awesome that each member has their own profile and such, but there are a whole bunch of people who i would like to talk to and such, and i was wondering if it might be possible to add a feature to the site where we could send each other messages??? there is especially one guy who lives only like two hours away, and i live in the middle of nowhere, and he’s my age, but i have no way to contact him!!! :( so sad


  • Yes, I totally agree. There are lots of people I would like to get to know better on this site!

  • I agree with you all on that too. I think something else that would be helpful would be to be able to type in an ingredient and have recipes with that ingredient linked together. There is a website out there now that does that and say if you have a TON of zucchinni or something you need to use you can just type that in and voila! I don’t know, it’s just a thought! Thanks goneraw!

  • RawKarateGirlRawKarateGirl Raw Newbie

    What a great idea!!

  • I agree as well. I would love to catch up with a few folks on here I found in a forum. I think that would be nice. hkittykitty has a great idea too. I have tons of celery and I can’t find juice recipes that have what I am looking for.

  • I noticed maybe that guy was right. The site doesnt really label what it is about on the main page. Maybe you can add something about what we encourage our viewers and member hope to find here. Maybe something else stating that we don’t judge people on what they view as correct for them but wish to learn and educate each other from what we all have to share. You know something nice that doesnt discourage or offend anyone who may not be all raw vegan but wants to learn about it. Our use of all ingredients even those that sometime are borderline or just outside of raw vegan way of eating. Anyone else agree or disagree?

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    sobiezaar: We’ve been working on adding a feature such as this.

    hkittykitty: Interesting idea!

    Chris S: When one is not logged in, they see the notice:

    Gone Raw is a website created to help people share and discuss raw, vegan food recipes from around the world. Why raw foods? A raw, living-foods diet focuses on uncooked, unheated, unprocessed and organic foods. Raw and living foods contain valuable living enzymes that assist in digestion and assorption of food. They taste great, too, and we

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