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I mentioned this in another forum thought I would see if I could get some feedback here. i cannot drink my green smoothies in the winter. I work in a studio in a damp/drafty wharehouse and I get extremely chilled.In the warmer weather I drank atleast 2 per day. I miss them and can def. see and feel a difference. It’s been approx.5 months without now. I can see a difference with my skin,I look more tired and feel it. Any suggestions?

This is my smoothie recipe (approx.):

Kale,chard or spinach
herbs(if have)
a touch of raw honey,flax or hemp when I have it-Thanks for any suggestions!


  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Blueberries,bananas ans celery.
    Strawberries,bananas and romaine.
    Grapes,any greens,lemon juice and 1T maple syrup or agave.
    All of them with water,and also mango and swisschart.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Do you use room temperature fruit and greens? Do you use ice or cold water to blend? That really can’t help. Also, If you add ginger, cayenne or cinnamon, it will warm up the smoothie a bit. Another thing is to try having mostly warmer, denser fruit, like bananas and dates. Sure, they’re overly sugary, but they have a warming effect (I find personally, I don’t know).

  • Thank-you for these suggestions. Funny,I cannot believe that i did not put all of this together,I have been making the same smoothie for the warmer weather and trying to have it in cooler weather!
    Yes,I have been using frozen fruits!Silly me that is the culprit!
    I do like the idea though of adding ginger,cayenne or cinnamon.

    Any thoughts on the raw honey? I use raw honey from a local company.
    Confusing info/thoughts with honey as well as Agave and TOFU!Thanks again.

  • mham I think we all have these whoops moments! :) As far as the honey goes if you’re not vegan just look for raw and unfiltered if possible. If it doesn’t say raw it’s most likely not. Agave is great also go for raw and Tofu you probably can’t find any raw version in most stores, I’m been trying to find an uncooked fermented soybean variety I read about in “150 Healthiest Foods” I believe it’s name is something like “nano”???

    Definitely let us know what your new smoothies have in them!

  • I still have some frozen fruit left,maybe if I defrost it and then use it it won’t be as cold?

    Another thing,how long is it ok to make a gr.smoothie and then drink it.Could I make it and let it warm up a bit say a 1/2-1hr or do you need to drink it right away to get the most nutrients? I put mine in a glass mason jar and bring that to work. not a big fan of plastic.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I read somewhere that in order to get all the enzymes, vitamines, and minerals you have to drink it within 10-15 minutes. I would recommend saving the frozen fruit for making ice-cream treats (when you can snuggle up under a warm blanket!). I also live in a cold place and had to stop freezing my bananas cuz it was turning me off to smoothies.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Honey is very warming, from my experience. When I come home late at night from work, after a very long walk in horrible cold (and it really is ridiculously cold here, you wouldn’t believe it) I feel the urge to gulp down a spoonful of honey while I’m using it in my tea, and it really helps. Also, Tahini and sesame in general are very warming, so adding that to the smoothie might help.

  • thanks,may try the tahini.and the ice cream,under a warm blanket!
    Just a thought,”the green smoothie experiment”,she made a large amount of smoothie and kept it in her fridge. to drink throughout the day.So I guess she had lost nutrients then. (sorry I have forgotten her name).any thoughts?

  • My wife takes hers out of the fridge and lets it “warm up” a bit before drinking. According to Boutenko, a green smoothie can last up to 3 days in the fridge.

  • good to know,thanks kellygoneraw.

  • absolutely! also i work in an office and i usually just put on my scarf when i’m drinking my smoothie. i mean all of the blood rushes to your stomach when you eat anyway so if you eat something cold i think it’s worse. anyway my feeling is green smooothies are too important not to have so i just make the adjustment and wait until it’s summer when they will truly be refreshing!

  • wish I could just put on a scarf ,drink the smoothie and work away but my studio is a freezer!,EVEN w/the “heat” they provide and my tiny space heater!

    I plan to try many of the great advice and will let you know. Not at work today,fighting this cold/fever thing that’s been going around.Almost better now,back to work tomorrow,so we will see.Thanks again to all who responded.

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    Pineapple, watercress and grapes!

    Good for those of us with challenged thyriods.

  • IsisDC:How much watercress? What type of grapes?

  • IsisDCIsisDC Raw Newbie

    mham- I use about a handful of watercress, and since I don’t have a fancy blender I put the watercress in first, then I put in a good size handful of grapes (any kind), and then I add a whole pineapple.


    Green smoothies are fun to experiment with.

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