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Cheflandria's Recipe Book Coming Very Soon!

Announcement of my first book coming out sometime next week!

Here is my blog announcement!

thank you!


  • The pictures of raw food on your website are mouthwatering!! Good luck with your new book!

  • CharisCharis Raw Newbie

    Congratulations, Cheflandria! Is it a book or an e-book? I’m very happy for you. Many, many people love your site and your delicious recipes. (I cannot wait to make your lasagne!) Your pictures, as said above, are incredible! I’m sure you will do well with this!


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    You have GOT to try the Mango Cheesecake ...it’s incredible!

  • Thanks for everyone support! It will be available via download or print version.

    take care!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Looking forward to seeing your new book – I’m very excited to see both a download and print version, as I’ve gotten used to making recipes while looking at the laptop. And, thank you for contributing so many delightful recipes to Gone Raw.

  • joyce, excellent question! I first got that idea of using irish moss from the same book – isn’t it amazing

    i have cited resources where you can get irish moss in the book and how to care for it, tips

    i usually soak the moss when I first get it to removed dirt and sea smell, you can soak it overnight then drain removing dirt particles and store in a zip lock bag – that will keep it fresh for about 2-3 weeks

    I usually use 2 big stalks, chopped – for a 9 inch pan – liquid wise, i usually add 1/4 of water for 2 big stalks – that also depends on the liquid you have on your fruits if you are making fruit type of cake – so basically, it’s best to check consistency

    blended smooth irish moss should be gelatenous, it takes a while if you don’t have a high speed blended – like scraping the sides, then re-blending it etc until it’s gelatenous

    hope that helps! Those tips will be in the book as well.

  • so excited for you Cheflandria! I can’t wait to get a copy!!!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Count me in! I saved all of your recipes in my recipe box. I like everyone’s recipes, but yours are gourmet! You remind me of Russell James in that your food not only sounds great, it looks great too. Here’s to the success of your book.

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