Raw food percentage???

OKay, I already know that I could never go 100% raw. I was thinking, I might have some fruit juice in the morning, snack on fruit IF (only if) I got hungry until lunch). then lunch is a salad either fruit or veggie r maybe a fajita or something like that as long as it is raw or mostly raw. A afternoon raw energy bar snack. And then dinner is a green salad or other raw meal followed my a bowl of cooked vegetable soup or a black bean taco or a cooked veggie burger. Does that seem to be a good percentage?? That is on top of me taking superfoods like bee pollen and wheatgrass which I do not yet take as I need to buy a wheatgrass juicer and I want to buy some bee pollen as well as wheatgrass powder and beet juice powder and indian gooseberry powder (why not have them all). I think that these superfoods are actually expensive yet cheap…because you buy a bottle and it lasts 3-4 months. makes sense. Therefore, for one day, it is cheaper than coffee.


  • shgadwa, I wouldn’t worry too much about the actual number %. Get to a place you feel your best at healthwise, hopefully most important, and also account for other factors such as your food likes/dislikes, your own body’s reaction to incorporating or not incorporating certain foods, etc. As far as the supplements go, I found a wonderful green powder (meal) at my health food store that is a mix of green juices, bee pollen, seaweed, probiotics, and tons of other wonderful stuff. When I get home I’ll add in the name. It’s about $65 for two months worth but with all that stuff in one drink you get your money’s worth!

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