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teadeteade Raw Newbie

ok, here’s a couple of things I think about from time to time:

Back in the day when humans were running around naked and all, do you think they stumbled on the carcass of a deer (or something) that maybe wolves killed… and do you think they ate some of the meat left over?
... not saying its healthy or right, just a thought..

And does anyone ever think about forest fires?... Animals tend to go in after a brush burn, etc, and eat the cooked vegetation… though, it rarely (once a year?) happens.
But definitely never processed foods (cooked broccoli is alot different than boxed pizza)

Some interesting thoughts, share yours either adding to the subject or on the subject.

Edit.. and we would have never been able to make the infamous green smoothies! (no blenders!)
haha, not saying they are bad.. I know they’re convienent for alot of people.


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    There are birds (vultures, buzzards) that eat carrion (already dead meat).

    I don’t think animals will eat the cooked vegetation. It just replenishes the soil.

    The paleolithic diet is pre-discovery of fire and before vessels for storing food.

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