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I’ve been reading some of the posts on more natural dental care, and i don’t expect anyone to be a dentist but i could use some advice more specific to my situation…

I went to the dentist today after not having visited for a year, and luckily I had zero cavities and a lot less plaque than my last visit. But I do have a lot of de-calcification and loss of enamel going on, and apparently thats due to the braces i wore for 4 years + time without impeccable dental care. The solution they gave me was to soak my teeth in flouride for 2 mins and also they gave me a toothpaste that is especially made with a lot of flouride in it that i’m supposed to leave on my teeth at night, which is supposed to be absorbed by the teeth and make the part that is decalcifying much stronger.

Now, having heard the bad rap for flouride, i’m a little hesitant to use it, but i don’t want my teeth to get any worse. What should I do?

Also, I’ve heard that teeth are pretty much alive and that on a raw food diet they can heal, although it takes time. The dentist says once enamel is gone thats it you just have to try to do what you can to slow the decalcification from here on out… but could it heal?


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    I’ve never heard of enamel growing back. I have the same problem (currently wearing braces) with my enamel wearing down because I brush too hard. I use a soft brush, but have been brushing too hard all my life – hard to stop. Anyhow, it’s my understanding that it cannot grow back. All we have is what’s there.

    As far as fluoride, I have the same dilemma. Sorry, I couldn’t be of more help with this aspect. Curious to hear any other advice.

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    Yes, the body can replace enamel! Don’t listen to your dentist; I don’t know why there are still some out there who apparently slept through school. HOWEVER, there is a limit to what can be replaced and it does take a while.

    What kind of enamel loss did you suffer from your braces? I mean, did the bonding material take the enamel off? I ask because I had braces in the 1970s and never had any enamel loss and there should not be any. Did your orthodontist chip your teeth? I had this insane Bosnian lady dentist back in Ohio who broke some chunks of enamel for the hell of it. Crazy broad.

    I think if you would like to treat your teeth to flouride, then use it in a natural form, like drink green tea. Also, get in the habit of using Xylitol gum and mints to help prevent more plaque. Good stuff.

    Don’t use anything more abrasive then chalk for your toothpaste brand. Check the ingredients. Things like “Close Up” use silica which is hideously abrasive. Sorry for the bad spelling; I’m in a hurry:-)

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    oh good! i’m glad to hear that it can be replaced by the body… i was wondering if it was one of those things that is possible despite the popular belief it is not…

    the enamel loss did not come from aggressive orthodontic or dental work, fortunately! it was gradual because often when people get braces there are parts that are hard or impossible to clean and the tooth decalcifies gradually in that area and the enamel is destroyed

    thanks for the advice about ingredients (and bosnian dentists) to watch for, and thats really interesting that fluoride appears naturally in green tea, didn’t know that!

    i’m basically wondering if the fluoride toothpaste will in reality make my teeth better or worse, and if it is worth any health risk

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    What does sapoified mean?

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