Tips to save money, time and make meals ahead of time???

With cooked food, unfortunately, it is so easy to prepare meals ahead of time. I can take one day of the week and make enough soup or whatever to last me the whole week which I think I still will do as my little cooked meal at the end of the day.

I found that even though it does not take that much time, I feel sometimes like I do not want to make a salad. Or, I just do not have the time. It is at this time that I splurge and go for the cooked meals like cooked veggies and or oatmeal. It all tastes great but I know I should not be eating it. Today because we went to a potluck, I brought minestrone soup which everyone said was really good. They were surprised that veggies could taste good. Then when we got home several hours later, I had an apple and a couple bowls of oatmeal though I should have had a salad. Then I had some plantain which was sliced and fried. I think that soup digests fairly well and I believe the broth is really good for you with all its herbs and veggies so that might have been good but I know that in my one week or so of eating solid foods since my fast, I already eat a little too much cooked food and I do not like the feel of indigestion and gas. I have got to change. I have made my mind u that starting tomorrow, I will eat more raw foods and less cooked foods. And I am going to keep cooked foods until the end of the day.

My other problem I have is eating when I do not need to eat. i know this is not good for me and I need to stop. Like, just eat any food, raw or cooked, when I am not hungry.

It just would make things easier if I could think ahead a little bit too. Though I am starting to sprout more and this at least helps with my nutrients and saves money.Maybe I could chop up veggies and put them in a bag to last a few days of making salads??? Would that work? I just thought of that like RIGHT now. Like, carrots, broccoli and whatever except the greens, sliced up and put in ziploc bags and stored in the freezer. Then all I would have to do is wash the greens and top with sprouts and sliced toppings. Any other tips on how to prepare meals ahead of time and how to save money. I really need to save money as I do not have a lot to spend.


  • not sure if this will help but I am a huge fan of greens always have been,won’t get into that now. For me and my non raw boyfriend i keep the on going salad…. I start with buying a bunch of greens,sprouts,spring onion,red cabbage,organic peppers and cucumbers and whatever else I can find (it’s winter),herbs and whatever else I add. I make the large bowl of salad for a dinner and keep ading to it for the week withwhatever I have left over until it is all gone. I also add soaked seeds during that time. We both add part of this salad to our sandwiches,his non raw and mine raw. It’s almost a communal pot!

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