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Valentines dinner......

Just thought I would see what your thoughts are….
My boyfriend is taking me to dinner this Thursday,reservations have been made and he is really excited about going to this resturaunt. He is very supportive of how I eat and I usually pick where we eat out,this meat eating guy has semi-suffered with many vegan meals out.I usaully am a salad and appetizer girl but he says since it is valentines and it’s a fancy rest.,he wants me to really enjoy myself and splurge a little.I’m not really cheap but rather eat simply.
Here is my question,I looked at the menu on line and there is only 1 salad,thats vegan(not raw,which that I’m not too concerned with,I’ve ruled that out.)but this salad is the cheapest one on the menu!
all the other things from,appetizers to,salads and entrees either have meat,chicken or fish/seafood. I have eaten seafood in the past but I really have a vegan diet. Any thought on what to do.
Its not the end of the world,it is one night but just thought I could get some advice from you. Thanks.


  • I would call the restaurant and tell them about your dietary needs and ask if they could prepare something special for you—most really nice restaurants are accommodating that way. To make your bf feel like you are taking part in the evening, maybe you could order some wine (which most people consider raw I think).

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Definitely second kellygoneraw’s advice to call ahead. I once called ahead for a Valentine’s dinner at a coursed meal restaurant and they decided to add a vegan coursed meal to the options.

    If you don’t end up calling ahead, you could always let your server know you are vegan and ask if they have any recommendations. I’ve done this before and had great luck. Often, servers have a few recommendations on how they can augment a dish to make it vegan for you.

  • Generally I have found that restaurants are very accommodating – at least in California! Just this last weekend, I had ordered the organic field green salad for lunch. The waiter was surprised when I said that was all I wanted so I explained that I am vegan. He went through the menu with me and told me which dishes they could take the meat or dairy out of, so I had a lot more options. I ended up getting the 3 veggie side dishes that normally came with chicken without the chicken.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie


    in fact, a creative chef will, with a little lead time, make you a (how ever many) course dinner. just let them know what you DO eat/like ahead of time.

    also, eating shouldn’t be a stressful experience, and i’m guessing you probably are more excited about spending time with your bf than you are about the food. i don’t know if it’s the same with all raw vegans, but i find that i am much less concerned with WHAT i eat nowadays, and more concerned that it just be healthy for me. so, while i used to enjoy restaurants, i really don’t “get it” anymore. sometimes that’s hard for other people to understand and they assume that you are “depriving” yourself. it reminds me of how i used to view munks, but don’t anymore.

    anyway, there’s the psychological perspective for ya ;)

  • Thanks for all the suggestions.I looked again at the menu,most of the meat/seafood entrees as well as the salads do not seem like something that by removing the meat it would be a filling meal.
    I may just have to deal with it and eat a little something I normally would not,Thank-goodness for enzymes!
    I will ask when I get there if they could make me something vegan but don’t feel the need to call ahead this time,(which is an excellent idea for the future!) I guess I don’t want to make too much of a fuss.
    Thanks again!!!!

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