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not sure if raw but....

I went shopping today looking for my hemp seeds,they were out so I bought NUTIVA hemp shake,thought this should be good filled with some good things,acai,maca,hemp and mesquite pods etc. What I did not realize until I was home that it says to mix with milk,rice or soy etc. I won’t make almond milk now(we all know why) but does anyone have another EASY! “milk” idea or do you all think I could just add it to my green smoothie? Thanks for any help.


  • Ok,bugging you all again…..but any thoughts?????

  • come on…someone something please….....?

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie


    You’re breaking my heart!!! hahah.!!! Could you mix it with fresh coconut water??

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    You can use almost any soaked nut or sesame seeds. You can get raw almonds, you just have to order them. livingtreecommunity.com and almonds-from-ca.com are 2 places I have used.

  • THANK-YOU!!!!! Sorry I came home earlier and was so lost with what to do. Marichiesa,Just got a bunch of cocnuts,good idea.although it’s hard to use my new powder that way….my boyfriend opens one each morning(coconut) (when I have them) and brings me it in bed with a straw!!!!! But I may use that idea,I really do not want to go into the whole nut milk thing,more work but do you think I could just add the powder to my greeen smoothie?I really like to try simple smoothies throughout the day. .........should I return the powder and wait for the hemp seeds????

  • modhinamodhina Raw Newbie

    The ‘sexy bitches like it raw’ make hemp seed milk on utube. Sorry I don’t have the link but try it.Maybe you could use cashews? Macadamia nuts something without the skins.

  • THANK-YOU MODHINA,will check this out!

  • I think hazelnut would make a great milk! Oh but they do have skins hmm maybe they wouldnt work haha nevermind

  • i make hazelnut milk actually! it’s great!

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