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why am I so sad.....

I am not involved in any group nor will I ,I am to sad as it is about the state of things but I have seen recent things that involve animals and I feel so helpless. I do not ever want to take anything here to this level because everyone seems to be on such a nice.positive path,but any advice with what to do with such strong feelings of sadness with what is happening in our world today? Again,I do not want to upset or take away from the positive. Just sad and wondering if there are any thoughts,thanksxo


  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Don’t take it so hard. Not to be such a downer but the world has never been 100% happy. Conflicts happen ALL the time. Just think of it this way: we can only do our best, right? It will make things THAT much better since we can’t correct EVERYTHING in this world. Just be happy and thankful that its not any worse than it is. Don’t be sad ;).

  • mham- it is perfectly natural for a compassionate person such as yourself to be upset when you see abuse or violence in any form. But we can only control our own actions and you are not responsible for the hateful things that others do. there will always be violence and terrible things happening in our world, but what we have to do is try to balance out the evil with kindness and empathy for people around us and all other things around us such as animals, our environment. the best thing you can do is to be an example of how you wish others could be. Be the Change you want to see in the world. (somebody said that, not sure who, ghandi?) if you need to channel your feelings, try to do something to “pay it forward”. try practicing random acts of kindness. get some flowers and put them on a bunch of different cars in a parking lot with a note that says “pass it on, love, a stranger” or something like that. i have always found it fulfilling to do something nice for someone else for no reason and anonymously. not taking credit for it makes it feel better. maybe you start a chain reaction, but you at least brighten one person’s day, which counts for maybe more than you realize.

  • Namaste

    The Law of Attraction states ‘what we think about we bring about’ so try focus more on the good and beauty that is around us… Gratitude is very powerful, give thanx.

    Blessings mham

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    As you evolve into more and more raw foods, you will find yourself VERY passionate about things you were just sort of upset about before. More Raw helps the sadness, but maybe you’re ready to get involved more in your passion.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    don’t let your sadness turn into apathy, let it turn into energy for fighting something you don’t like about the world!

  • Fighting against will only create more…
    For more on The Law of Attraction >> The Secret

    One Love

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Read John Robbins books that deal with this subject. He will offer solutions and put you back into a positive frame of mind.

  • Thank-you all for your kind words and advice. I guess the whole California slaughterhouse news report just put things over the top for me. Thanks again.

  • I know it’s definately a sad thing especially when you are reminded about the news today. On the positive side, it probably prompted a lot more people to turn to a veggie diet today. Also, think about how you can make a difference – by eating vegan you are making a HUGE difference. One of the biggest things I notice on a regular basis is when I eat out with others, people always ask me about my vegan (and now RAW) diet. I don’t push it on them, I only answer questions when they ask, and usually what I’m eating looks a heck of a lot better than what they are!
    Stay positive and keep visiting this site it has a ton of positive energy flowing thru it daily. And remember, you ARE making a difference.

  • Rawrach~
    You just gave me an awesome idea. I just posted on my local mommies club message board a Pay it Forward Challenge. I am challenging the mommies in my group to do a Pay it Forward act by the end of the week!!! Thanks Rawrach!!! And thanks mham for starting this post!!! See what happened??? Smiles!

  • again,thankyou for all the kind,positive words. and…I hope I am making a difference.Thanks.

  • I think sadness is the natural response to those images. Your feelings show you that you’re a kind and compassionate person. What if you didn’t feel anything at all in the face of that suffering? To feel nothing when shown such horror would be a much worse fate. Intense sorrow here is healthy, don’t run from it. I feel the same way, as do all of us who see those pictures.

    I’ve shot undercover images in both chicken factories and slaughterhouses. My responses to the suffering are deep sadness and regret. I grieve. And in my case and in yours, we have decided to stop contributing to that horrible industry. Our money talks. You are making a difference by changing your behavior: you are saving the critters you’re not eating.

  • I have been a big animal lover/protetor my whole life. my mother works with animals(our views are somewhat different)I am a very sensitive person and have always wanted to protect and nuture every animal.I belive so deeply since I was so little that we need to protect and help all animals,they need us. Instead I see so many sad things(good too) but the sad stays with me.I cannot look at anymore horrible images or stories for they stay with me and make me so,so sad and helpless.
    I thankyou all who have responded. I know that by choosing a better way of living has made some difference but I will never ever understand the cruelty in ths worl.

    Also,the more raw I become the more intense these feelings are. Imagine starting at such a young age I would say 4-5that I remember with these feelings and that by going really rawnow,vegetarian for the most part since 1989 that these feelings have gotten very big.I cannot look at another abused creature,it breaks my heart.
    I hope I have not upset anyone with this topic,just neded advice and I got some,thank-you again.

  • I also want to add that the advice given about bringing goodness to yourself,light. I belive that. I also want to be positive and to make a difference by my actions. I really appreciated those comments. and yes,Shane I agree about feeling is better than not. a qoute from myself and best college romate ever,”for one day not to be deeply concerned or thinking and feeling about every little possible thing,for atleast one day,to be “normal” but would always want to come back”

    Again thanks to all and also for letting me talk about this here.Good advice.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    You are not alone. I have always felt the same way and never understood why others didn’t respond to cruelty the way I did. I’ve been amazed to find my daughter reacting even more strongly, I have to read books extremely carefully because she will fall apart at the mention of any cruelty towards animals. As far as your sadness goes, I learned something recently that I will paraphrase badly: an emotion is something to be observed and experienced, not judged. When you really get into the emotion and pay attention to it is when you will grow from it. If you doubt yourself or criticize yourself or run away from the feelings you will experience the opposite results. I always thought I was weak and damaged because of my sensitivity but now I’m learning that it’s a gift.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    amysue- yes!

    mham- have you read “the power of now?” i found it life-changing, spirit-opening, and just generally “SENSE-making” in a world that doesn’t seem to make any. i don’t do the book justice, but imagine all the mishap as the storm that ruffles up the top of the water. below, nothing is moved. there is an intelligence to the world that we can’t mentally understand (but we can align/connect with it). the insanity is a reflection of the insanity that is the human mind.

    terra fyah’s reminder is similar. activism that “fights against” an enemy is based on the mentality of “the other person is separate from me.” that tips the balance AWAY from truth.

    it’s a hard mentality to get away from, but i am trying to bring it into my daily practice.

    there is ABSOLUTE comfort in knowing that which you truly are. when you can connect to that you realize that all else is external drama and the more you engage in it, the more tickets you sell, so to speak.

  • Thank-you again for support and kind words. I will check out the book and feel comforted knowing I am not alone.Thank-you.

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