coconut butter/oil

I’m looking to buy some and I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation or if there is anything I should look for when buying, well besides it being raw. Thanks! Oh and if I was just going to buy one or the other, butter or oil, which do you recommend getting.


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Artisana makes a coconut butter that is really thick and flavorful (like a butter). Coconut oil is just that, oil, it’s just solid at room temp. I find that many brands differ in how strong of a coconut taste the oil has. But I absolutely love the coconut butter!

  • Thanks so much coconutty! And can I ask which do you think you use more, the butter?

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Well… it depends… I would say there are more uses for the oil and it is a whole lot more versatile. When I buy the butter I go through it pretty quickly cause it’s so darn good! I usually use it for dessert recipes like fudges and what not… or I just eat it! It’s nice to have on hand, but sometimes I just get a little carried away with it (oooops!). So I would say the oil would be the better buy just cause you can do much more with it.

  • Make sure you call the vender and see what tempatures the oil is processed at.Best be under 120 atleast.

  • Thanks so much guys!

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