Green Tea and Black Tea???

I already know that coffee is terrible on your health as well as commercial teas. But herbal teas are usually really good for you. However, green teas contain caffeine and black tea has even more of it. I know that although it is a drug, it is also an alkaloid that helps improve breathing which is why some herbalists use coffee beans medicinally but are completely against drinking coffee. It is about how much you take…I think? At any rate, is green tea and black tea good for you???


  • Shgadwa, check out this info I posted in the “Who still drinks tea??” thread:

    lovingraw writes, Feb 14, 2008: (61 posts)

    Great topic :) I definitely love tea particularly china green tips, ginger, and chai. I recently learned a lot more about the health benefits of tea from one of my favorite books

  • I didn’t know that certain antioxidants are found in only the black tea! I think I will drink black tea too!

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