Need Mustard Recipe and Horseradish recipe

I need a recipe for mustard and also a recipe for horseradish sauce and horseradish mustard. I only have brown mustard seeds right now. I used to use the regular mustard for the longest time because the only BAD ingredient it has is salt. Which I have found is pretty bad so after my juice fast, I stopped using yellow mustard. Is there a good substitute?


  • SatchySatchy Raw Newbie

    Not sure if this is raw, but you can buy powdered all natural wasabi, which is horseradish, spirulina, and turmeric. It is made my ‘HIME Brand’. Whole Foods carries it and I just noticed it at the asian market by me today. All you do is add water to it to make a paste. So assuming it is raw, perhaps you can come up with a tasty horseradish sauce using this product.

  • steamboatkatiesteamboatkatie Raw Newbie

    does your health food store carry the actual horseradish root? That might be good blended and merged together with the mayo recipe on here. Kind of like a creamy horseradish sauce.

  • From Ren

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Ooooh I bet if you’re able to come across some horseradish root, blend it up with some avocado… Hmmmmmm… I may be hunting for some horseradish ;-) That honey mustard sounds good too, YUM!

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