help please, I feel awful!

So I had lunch today about 2 hours ago and I feel AWFUL!!! It


  • cannibalwarriorcannibalwarrior Raw Newbie

    Probably food poisoning—which is actually more common that you’d think. It’s something that can happen from time to time, and it sucks, but the best thing to do is just take in liquids and rest as much as you can until it pasts.

    You could try a pain medication, too. But call in sick!

  • It could be the flaxoil, but that would be surprising. I had a horrible reaction to flaxseeds (horrible cramping, nausea, stomach pain) when I went raw and then I stopped eating them and have been fine ever since. Otherwise, I agree with cannibalwarrior re: food poisoning.

    Ps The only thing that made me feel better during a flaxseed attack was eating a banana and having some very hot peppermint tea. Unfortunately you may have to wait it out/not go to work…

  • Maybe it is the radish sprouts! They have a strong cleansing effect and they also clean the gallbladder. You are may experiencing a bilious attack. When I used to eat radish sprouts regularly I also experienced something like you, and I finally found out it was a bilious attack! You may also have some gallstones, which are about to leave your body.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    It sounds like gallbladder or pancreas attack.

    If you can sip a little hot water with lemon juice in it, it will help.

    Don’t go to work out! Just rest as best you can.

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    If the pain doesn’t subside very soon, I would contact a medical professional. Never try to self-diagnose serious medical symptoms.

  • cannibalwarriorcannibalwarrior Raw Newbie

    Yes, if it doesn’t get better, see a doctor.

    kellygoneraw, flax is a powerful laxative, especially if you aren’t used to it. That’s why it’s usually recommended to have a just a few tablespoons a day—just one or two. If you start small and work your way up (maybe a teaspoon), it shouldn’t cause problems, especially if you’ve been eating clean for awhile and you don’t have much gunk in the gut to be cleared out.

  • Yeah I was having very little and it was awful. I found out from someone on raw about it being a laxative and so I just stopped consuming it. I definitely don’t need that kind of pain nor do I have any reason to work up to it! I can get my nutrients elsewhere and have! :)

  • Thanks everybody for your help! That was NOT a fun afternoon. I think it must have been the radish or the buckwheat sprouts because I have no problems with flax as a rule, flax oil or flax seeds.

    Basically, I called in sick, made myself purge everything in my stomach and then drank some chammomile tea. Now I feel loads better but just tired.


  • I have another idea. It might be possible that the flaxoil gone rancid. How long did you store that?
    I heard that it’s easily go rancid, if it is stored for too long.

  • I’m going to eat my radish sprouts tomarrow, they have just sprouted. Wish me luck…:)

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    These are all guesses, of course, as no one can give you a definitive answer without knowing more. I hope this doesn’t dissuade you from eating raw or sprouting at home. This could have been a delayed reaction to something that you ate previously. I’m glad that you’re better now.

  • Goodness. I thought sprouting at home was the surefire way to go about it. Now I’m confused. =0( I just sprouted some barley for the very first time and am eating it in a salad as I type.

  • sarawsaraw Raw Newbie

    since going raw, I have experienced quite a few painful reactions, and had to run to the bathroom.
    I did have some MAJOR house cleaning to do though. I had previously been constipated for almost a year. Now i enjoy any trip to the bathroom. LOL probably TMI for such a newcomer on here.
    So, that would be my guess. Just your body doing some house cleaning.
    Flybaby, I would like to know more about these radish sprouts, and the gallbladder.
    I recently had some horrid pains up in the gallbladder area, and kept wondering if it was my body doing some other purging. about two years ago I had some gallbladder pain, and I have had kidney stones before.

  • 123-yeah I know, I wasn

  • saraw, here are some more info about radish sprouts.…
    It seems that mustard sprouts also clean the gallbladder.…

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    DivineMissEm, that sounds just like what would happen to me if I had gluten—which is present in rye. Gluten intolerance is more common than many think. Best of luck!

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Don’t want to sound flip here, but you put some pretty gassy stuff in that salad. Fennel and radish, I don’t touch that stuff! It may just be gas and has to work its way through your system. I have been there, it’s no fun!! I don’t think it is salmonella or anything, because that hits very quickly with vomitting and diareah (sorry if I spelt that wrong, don’t usually have to write about the #@#! Good luck. if it persists get pro. help.

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