vacation woes

So I went on my first vacation (not including the Raw Spirit Fest last Oct) since going raw. We went to Florida (Miami and then the Keys). And I thought I’d have more choices for finding restaurants than I do in my little western Nebraska town. But I’ve got to tell you, it was just as hard in Florida as it is in Nebraska. So, for the first time since going raw (nearly a year) I ate cooked vegan food. And it made me sick. And it made my joints from the rheumatoid arthritis hurt again. But it’s not like I ate a ton of bad food. Just some cooked vegan. Maybe a tiny bit of cheese that didn’t get picked off. But I did drink. I just couldn’t go to Key West and not have a margarita, oh, and rum runners (yum – but too sweet). Now I didn’t get drunk every night, just a drink here and there, well, except for our last night I did have more than one. Anyway, I’m sitting here in the airport and I can’t wait to get home and eat my own food again. And feel better again.

But I’m worried that now that I’ve had cooked vegan food it will be easier for me to cheat again. Has anyone else had a similar problem?


  • CandiceCandice Raw Newbie

    Yeah, it can be a slippery slope, but you seem to have a good appreciation for how Raw has benefited you, so I’m sure you can get back to it. those circumstances I usually do one of two things. Make myself a really decadent Raw dish to dive back into pure pleasure OR eat really simply Raw for a few days—green smoothies, fresh fruit, big salads, and such.

    Good luck getting back to where you want to be with your eating! Make it about the abundance of Living Foods!

  • Slosh-uhSlosh-uh Raw Newbie

    I hate that slippery slope, I succumbed to it today at my job.

    “OK, just ONE mini resses cup…”

    The bowl is empty now and I feel sick.

    Speaking of drinking in Florida though, whats the deal with booze and being raw vegan? Is there anything raw vegan that gets you drunk? I do enjoy the tonic and on occasion feel like I need a little personality juice.

  • I feel that it is so difficult for me to be raw when traveling (which is a lot of the time)... but some people seem to have an ok time with it. The toughest part for me is breakfast- man, how I miss my VitaMax when Im crawling out of my tent. But somehow nuts and fruit dont seem satisfying enough when I know a hard day of climbing is ahead and my bf is cooking delicious veg breakfast burritos! Maybe I need more willpower… but I think its ok. I usually dont feel bad after these breakfasts. Any suggestions?

  • I’m in Florida. If you ever come back here, Rawbert who lives in Cocoa Beach supplies the Coop with AMAZING foods: cakes, pates, burgers, and more. I’m talking this guy knows what he’s doing. He’s going to be famous one day! I’m so lucky I get to live here for that reason!

  • Well if you drove couldnt you make some raw meals that would handle the trip and take them with you for the bulk and when you go out simply order a salad or something close enough to raw it wouldnt upset your system?

  • wine is raw and (unless you count the yeast) vegan. I have a small glass a couple times a week.

  • Don’t see how yeast isnt vegan but ok dok :).

  • Wow – thanks for all the support! Would have gotten back to everyone sooner, but we got stranded in Atlanta last night and my laptop was dead….

    Now, we are finally home and I’ve made my tomato basil soup and had 3 cups of pau d’arco tea w/honey for the sore throat I caught somewhere (I personally think it’s from the air conditioners-we don’t have them and I’ve always hated the feel of ice cold air hitting my warm lungs, it just seems to make me sickly).

    So, as of today I’m back to all raw. Since I’m not feeling well I’m going to start a juice feast tomorrow because they always make me feel amazing and seem to straighten my head out too. Pretty sure I need a really good detox! I’ve always wondered about the MC but I really haven’t read up on it enough to know exactly what it is.

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