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Wheatgrass juicers

Does any one owen a good wheatgrass juicer at a reasonable price and good quality :)

I was reading about a manual one at the juicingbook.com but will like to hear from some one that owen one.

Thank you


  • I have a Healthy Juicer that I bought from www.sproutpeople.com. It was about $45. It does a fine job for wheat grass. I even used it for carrot slivers once just to see if it worked for that too. I have also used it for parsley juice. It is worth the cost (my opinion).

  • Hi Majomi,
    We own and use a Z-Star regularly. We used to have a plated steel one that I did not appreciate. It got lost in the mail when I had a friend mail it to me when I was out of the country and needed it. Looking back, it was no big loss. The rough metal ends would rust if not dried completly. We had to oil it to keep it from rusting. I was apprehensive about getting a Z-Star because it is made of plastic. The base and handle are metal. Now that we have it and use it daily we have no regrets about it. We juice grass every morning with it and then just rinse it clean and let it air dry. We don’t even have to scrub it. They sell for about $99 in the U.S..

  • Thank you pmcgrath608 and RawNutrition.ca for the info.

    RawNutrition.ca is your Z-star a manual or electric

  • The people at wheatgrasskits.com say the hurricane is the best hand crank one but the miracle is very close second.They also said the Samson juicer or Omega 8003/8005 does a fine job with wheatgrass and you can do a ton of other things with it because its a multi juicer.They said they have alot of complaints with the usually highly recomended Greenstars.

  • I have the manual Healthy juicer too, and I think that is great( for your muscles too :) ) and didn’t cost a furtune! I have used it not only for wheatgrass juice, but parsley, beets and carrot slices, celery slices as well!

  • The Z-Star is a manual juicer. Other than wheat grass we’ve done kale and parsley with it.

  • Blue_EyesBlue_Eyes Raw Master

    Can anyone with the Healthly Juicer tell me how when the suction cup on the bottom works for them as staying in place on the counter? Since I am in a Semi I have limited room and was thinking maybe I could attach it to my cutting board for support and then my husband could hold that down while i cranked it.

    Wanting to start doing wheatgrass but need to get the mechanics of it down before I order anything.

    Does anyone have any alternatives that might work better, or any ideas on how to grow wheatgrass in confined spaces?


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