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how did i get sick from sesame milk?

last wednesday I got my first Vita mix and was soooo psyched! Sesame milk is so great I really want to make it a regular part of my diet. I got 25 Ibs. of HULLED ORGANIC SESAME SEEDS from Sun Organic Farms and put them in a food grade airtight storage bin.

I soaked the seeds overnight at room temperature in pure water.

I blended them in the Vita Mix and strained them through a fine mesh.

I put it in a sealed jug in the fridge.

I drank some that day and got gas and weak feeling.

The next day, determined to prove it was the milk, I drank a glass of milk for breakfast and then had the THICKEST PART FROM THE BOTTOM of the container on my buckwheat sprouts with a little maple syrup.


Were they rancid seeds?

should I have soaked in the fridge?

was the thick part just too strong?

Please help!!!!


  • I’ve never had seseme milk. But how are you feeling now?

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Do you think it could have been the sprouts or the maple syrup? I have gotten food poisoning from sprouts before. If you don’t think it was either of those, maybe try soaking in the fridge next time just to be safe? When you contacted Sun Organic, did they mention that anyone else had had problems, or even that it could be a problem?

  • the oil in seseme isnt very good for you thats probly why you didnt feel so good i forget what exactly it does but it something with you stomach try almond milk taste better and better for you

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Did you remember to rinse your seeds a lot after soaking them? Was your air-tight storage bin in the refrigerator on not kept in a cold place? I’ve always been told to store nuts and seeds in a freezer or refrigerator, and to be sure that once you’ve soaked them, rinse them thoroughly before sprouting, blending, eating, etc. and have seen (on dvds) soaking done simply on the countertop, not in the fridge. I also wonder if the seeds were rancid from the beginning? Or could it just be a fluke and you got the flu at the same time? Now, did you use all of the seeds and if not, have you tried them since then and felt sick? Hope you are feeling better!

  • Buckwheat greens/sprouted buckwheat contains a naturally occurring toxin called fagopyrin, it can lead to skin rashes and sensitivity to sunlight.

    More information is here, including a detailed report. All raw foodists should be aware of this!


  • Thanks for all the help everyone! I really love this forum! I feel great now. I did rinse well, and i put aside a few cups to experiment with after Sun Organics took the return. They didn’t admit to ever having any problems with rancid seeds, but why would they? Most people would never drink sesame milk as a meal either. So Tried soaking in the fridge and making one drink at a time and it was fine. In hindsight, it had to be a combination of poor handling on my part! 1. soaking out of the fridge. 2. making a big batch and storing in the frindge 2 days. 3. Drinking the thickened sediment at the bottom of the container! YUK! Never do that!

  • btw this small tragedy led me to finding you guys so I am thankful! This is a very kewl board!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    yeah i know how ya feel. I always get sick of sesame milk, so I steer clear from it.

  • When you soak nuts and seds should they be soaked in the fridge in water????

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    If you just soak the seeds or nuts for 24 hrs then they do no have to be in the fridge. But of course after you are done soaking them they def need to be in that fridge.

  • Ok, so I’m doing it right then! Thanks alot! x

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Cargo, lots of raw foods contain toxins. Lectins, goitrogens, alkaloids… The key is to vary the diet.


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