something silly?..advice needed

Ok,I have posted something similar before.I eat high raw,simple foods,I rarely make reipes that are raw versions of SAD foods( I do plan to try some at some point) I eat gr.smoothies,greens seeds,nuts etc. on a reg. basis.I do also “cheat” mostly with vegan food.
This is my weakness cheese….I too mentioned it in a recent post. I am trying to add a touch of raw cheese now,small amounts.

Ok,tonight my boyfriend suprised me with my biggest weakness,very sweet but…oh
a panini. I will on occasion(even though cheese and wheat have it)but I adjust my diet to incoorperte these type of things,I have been very simple raw for years,he is usually use to this but for the last few days really got back to my smoothies and am trying not to “cheat” His feelings arew hurt,is it ok to just eat it and enjoy what he did for me and just move on…I think so but…. I have 3 more days this week of birthday parties,outings that….well any suggestions would be great. I’m not beating myself up about it but just the thought of changing course with how good I have been feeling well….Thanks for any advice.Oh,sorry to go on and on ,hope I made some sense!


  • I think if you don’t want to hurt him it is ok to eat the cheese! It is a good idea to eat something raw with it. When I eat something not raw I make sure to eat some raw veggies with it and a lot of fruits and veggies during the day.

    For the outings you can take a lot of fruit with you,and/or pates in lunchboxes with a lot of sliced veggies eg crrot slices, celery, fennel, some green leves etc. You can also take some nuts and seeds or dehydrated crackers. I go hiking a lot and take something like these and I have a lot of energy, my friends are just wondering!

    For the birthday parties you could make a cake or cookies and take it as a surprise! This is my trick if I know that it is not sure that I will find something that is good for me. I have ‘survived a lot of weddings, christmas, parties etc with this.

  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    I’ve had similar issues recently with my signifigant other and I’ve had to take a position. This is my journey and it’s important to me. I’m not asking anyone in my life to join me but I do ask they respect my decisions. Personally it has hurt MY feelings when my partner ignores my efforts and buys something that is an old favorite knowing that I’m trying to make changes. If there has to be hurt feelings, let it be the person that causes the situation that owns those feelings. It’s not about love, it’s about respect.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    know that people DO change too and there responses to raw etc. can change. I think signficant others can be resistant because let’s face it, most of us don’t like a lot of change. Especially because within intimiate relationships there usually is a lot of sharing and love that goes on around the food. I know my husband teased me alot about the whole raw thing, said it was silly, not healthy, the whole nine yards. Then several months later he said he wanted to try it! I couldn’ believe it. After a trial period he decided to focus on being vegetarian and incorperating raw elements and that was fine with me and I’m still proud of him. He also is being very supportive of my Master Cleanse (I’m on day 4!) even though at first he thought it was ridiculous. People often act out out of fear, but once they get over it they can change. Good luck!

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