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dehydrator from wal-mart??

Has anyone tried the dehydrator from walmart? I was doing some shopping and passed by the isle where they have the blenders and such and found a dehydrator… ive been meaning to buy one but i was going for the excalbur one but this one was only $40 and i figured i’ld give it a try. compared to $300 i’ld try this one first. is there a better one out there that you use?


  • I’d try the one that wasn’t built by chinese slaves.. Or maybe the one that doesn’t effect our economy and destroy the small farms that we are trying to support… Or maybe one from a local market, or even from the raw community as a means of supporting the cause. By saying this, I’m not trying to be mean or cold. It’s just that I, like many others, am extremely anti-Walmart, and with very good reason. Before you make a purchase with them, please research the company you are feeding money to, and please realize that there are many many other sources out there in which you can purchase your raw food supplies, and not from a corporation that effectively destroys the cause we are trying to promote.

  • JKMN, what brand is it? I have a ronco and it works okay but the trays melt!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I’m with Chakra. I’ve learned my lesson buying Wal-Mart brand anything. You buy cheap, you get cheap.

    My Excalibur was way under $300. I’ve had it for 4 years.

  • The other thing you want to watch out for is being able to control the temperature. Often times the cheap dehydrates, dehydrate at too high of a temperature.

  • flybabyflybaby Raw Newbie

    Yes, I agree with 123, if you have the money for the Excalibur don’t buy the cheap one, because it may break down after some month or 1-2 years and you should buy another one.
    I had such experiences when I bought a cheaper stuff, used it 1 or 2 years and I had to throw it away and buy the better one! I didn’t do anything bad to it, I just used it. The commercial machines today are not for us, who use them a lot and very often! We need heavy duty machines. The beter quality machines are good investments.

  • I owned an Excalibur for 10 years before selling them. It has provided all those years of service without breaking down. If ever something goes like the thermostat or element I know I can easily obtain a replacement part and install it myself. If ever I broke a door or a tray I can easily obtain a replacement part. The first dehydrator I had was a Ronco. Poor quality and poor circulation. I agree with chakra essence. Here in Canada as in the U.S. were giving away our jobs and incomes in looking to buy cheap. If it can be done cheaper and for greater profit from Asia shops here are closed up and people laid off so we can buy cheap and buy more.

  • I have one (Nesco American Harvest) with a temperature dial, but it is awfully small. It works for my purposes, but I cannot make all the things I would like to at one time. I would take everyone’s advice and get the Excalibur. The trays are big and square/rectangular. I am definitely saving my money to splurge on the Excalibur!

  • I bought the 4 tray Excalibur for $109.00 online, since I’m the only RAW person in my household, it is perfect.

  • thanxs for all the info. yes the brand is nesco. i just figured i’d try it out just to see how it works. but i havent opened it so i will be returning it soon!and about shopping at wal-mart… i live in a really small town and the only stores around us to shop at are walmart super center or target super center so i kind of dont have much of a choice but i can see your point! i will definetly be looking into purchasing the excalibur. ill most likly go for the small one as i am the only raw one in my family as well! thanxs again everyone!

  • Hi JKMN

    just looked at this under “other stuff” hope it helps

    “michigan roman writes, Feb 22, 2008: (81 posts)

    i still cant find the site where if you buy a dehydrator and blender together you get like 50 off , but im still looking .
    but heres a site ran by rawfoodist that have their heart in their work and offer fair prices on everything = http://www.discountjuicers.com/
    theres alot of great info at this site on blenders , juicers , etc

    also , ide go to www.rawfoodtalk.com . once at page click on 30 day challenge to get to forums and ask over there because theres alot of people there . plus theres a search feature there whrere you could search say

  • I own the Nesco one and I did buy it from Walmart and love it. I even bought extra trays and stuff from the Nesco website afterwards so I could make more and stack it higher.

    The plastic insert trays are very good and easy to get crackers off of and it’s quiet and easy to clean. For the money it’s a great value and works really well. The complaints I have about it is that it doesn’t come with height extensions and you need to buy those off the website to dehydrate anything more than like an inch and a half tall, and also I wish it wasn’t round.

    Other than that I have high praises for it and I use it almost every other day.

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