This is really weird and I don’t know why it happens but any time i drink kombucha my muscles tense up really bad. My neck especially gets really stiff and the muscles in my shoulders tense up really bad then it moves down to my thighs and calves. It makes my calves and legs really tight and kind of tingle-ly i guess. It kind of scares me. I don’t like the feeling but i want to keep drinking it because its so good for you. But you think im so how allergy or is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?


  • erinerin Raw Superstar

    I drink store bought kombucha and kombucha that I make at home and have never experienced this before. Is the kombucha you are drinking homemade? If so it could possibly contaminated with something. Just a guess…really not sure.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    I have been drinking home-brewed kombucha for a long time and have not had this experience.

  • Just a thought,maybe the carbination is causing gas bubbles?????Especially when combined with a high fibre diet,greens etc.
    Interesting though since kombucha is very good for digestion. Hope you can figure it out because I think it is an excellent part of daily eating.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Obviously it isnt helping you if it is making feel uncomfortable. Do you drink premade buch? or you making it yourself?

  • I drink the premade kind, I think the brand is GTS. I just had a small amount tonight and after drinking it I think it might be shocking my system because it is so cold. I drink most things a room temperature, except when I add frozen fruit to my smoothie but even then I blend it so long the blender kind of melts it.
    I just bought 2 bottles tonight so well see how its goes. I would really like to continue drinking it maybe it is just the carbination like mham suggested.

  • Ok so I tried it again. At first i was feeling fine and I really enjoy the taste so i drank the whole bottle. Later I went to the gym still feeling okay but a few other later (2 or 3 hours) I started feeling really weird sick to my stomach and like might throw up. I never did though thank goodness. Maybe Ill try it again in a few months or so but for now I think I shouldnt drink it…..any suggest on what I could replace it with?

  • omshantiomshanti Raw Newbie

    smoothielove, everything ive read says to start with small amounts of kombucha around mealtimes, only 4 oz each meal then work your way up…try that, i got horribly bloated and miserable the first time i drank gts from the store, i drank the whole bottle on an empty stomach!! not reccomended! i was drinking 32 to 64 onz a day( thats two bottles) depepnding on what i felt like seems i craved it more in the beginning then my body said it didnt need as much so now it depends but i drink a bottle or so every two days…also started brewing it myself..way to expensive to buy at the store!

  • Hello… this is sad but I recently discovered and heard about kombucha. From the first bottle I had I was in love! But I also got very bloated the first few times I had it. Smoothielove, what you’re experiencing could be that you need to get used to it or it is an allergy. Any adverse reaction you get to ANYTHING is an allergy and should stop use. What I would do is stay off of it fo a while and then slowly put it back into your diet to test yourself. See where that takes you. Overall, if you’re allergic to it you should stay away from it cause you’re body is most likely trying to tell you something. “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”

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