digestive issues - raw food culprit?

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Thought I was doing everything right after almost a year raw but low energy etc etc in last few months has to another round of naturopaths and some ayurvedic treatments. Unfortunately what the ayurvedic practitioners said about my digestive system not being strong enough to handle a) first warming up and b) then digesting raw food seems to be backed up by an iridology photo that shows chronic issues to do with digestion.
I love eating raw but also I want to feel good. Has anyone got any ideas of how I can solve this problem and help the eye to change?


  • I tried raw a while ago and got really sick, like vomiting after every meal. I talked to a symbiotic coach and he told me I was combining to many things. Like not have an entire meal (the worst was making an all raw Thanksgiving dinner)of heavy raw foods. He said it was just confusing my system, but take baby steps and eating simpler meals and mono meals and not so much the heavy processed type raw foods. Also he had me taking chlorella and probiotics to help clean out my system. Also I got a series of colonics and that helped a lot. I still cannot do heavy meals. Sometimes even salad bothers me but if I stick to just one or two things I do fine.

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    Thanks pamparred. The last week has been pretty eye-opening in terms of watching the positive way my body and spirit has responded to an intensive ayurvedic treatment including one meal a day of ayurvedic kedgeree (kind of like very well-cooked rice and mung bean baby gruel really). And the last few months have really shown me that people all do have individual needs. Clearly, in my case, decades of chronic digestive/gallbladder etc issues meant I wasn’t assimilating nourishment from the 90% raw diet I was following.
    This probably explains why I would crave sushi and fish periodically.
    I figure the intial sense of huge well-being and energy came as the weight came off and my blood cleansed, but once I stopped having enough of my own body fat to easily burn for the extra energy I needed I started to falter and that’s when the long term depletions bit very hard and issues like B12 deficiency, thyroid antibodies etc raised their head.
    My plan now is to build up the colon, rehydrate the tissues and not be too manic about lapsing a bit from raw whilst at the same time really boosting the intake of green smoothies and other very easily digestible raw foods…. then in a couple of months I will get another iridology photo taken.
    Meanwhile if you have tips on what kind of other raw foods (beyond green smoothies) fit the categories of ‘calming, oily, and easily digestible’ But tasty!!!! I would be very grateful. (For some reason nut cheeses and creams despite being blended and oily don’t seem to sit too well).
    Thankyou :)

  • Cute! An Owl speaking with a Hummingbird. Love the pics! Many Raw Recipes are a super mix of so many ingredients. Eating simple less prepared foods will certainly help you.

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    Saying that you eat raw is a blanket statement that doesn’t describe your diet. Have you tried proper food combining or meals with fewer ingredients? Have you been tested for food allergens or vitamin/mineral deficiencies?

  • Thanks for this topic. I have found in the short 2 months that I”ve been raw that i can no longer eat the recipes that have alot of nuts and/or several ingredients. Juicing or just water in the morning, maybe a bananna or apple during the day, and a nice salad for dinner is great for me. I didn’t expect that, especially not this soon! I am so grateful for the wisdom of my body, and that spirit has provided the space for me to be able to listen. Raw wasn’t a choice for me, it just became my life ~ i no longer wanted cooked food. That’s also how I became vegetarian and then vegan. I just lost the taste for first flesh, then all dairy, and now cooked. I wonder sometimes if those desires will return, but for now, i’m good where i’m at. peace.

  • i’ve been transitioning to raw for 3 weeks now and struggling with supplements, superfoods, amount of food and so on. i am a runner and am still trying to find my way with how to optimize energy and not overeat. my acne has also been bad.

    so hearing your stories are comforting, thank you.

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