Why the 2007 Farm Bill Matters

I’m not sure if this is the place to post such a topic, but it would be darn hard to be raw without plenty of local and affordable vegetables. I wrote a short piece on the topic of the 2007 Farm Bill a few weeks ago, but there was an op-ed in the NY Times that does an even better job of elucidating why so many people have stuck to the SAD and why it’s so darn hard to make such a “radical” lifestyle choice as wanting to eat properly. Farmers want to grow these crops and are being prevented from doing so:


Aside from writing letters to one’s congress-person and growing your own garden, does anyone have some good ideas about what the next step of being a Raw Radicle (ha! I’ve been waiting to use that sprouting pun for ages) could be? Turning up traffic strips and being a Johnny Cabbage Seed? Lobbying local governments? Asking your neighbours if you can farm their yard and split the produce?

I would add that consumer comments were the only thing that kept irradiation and municipal waste (millorganite) from being part of the original National Organic Program (NOP) when an unprecedented several thousand letters showed up from outraged citizens. Between this and Codex Alementarious, it would seem that something approaching critical mass needs to happen and that we have months (rather than years) to do something about it.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Words of comfort?


  • newbienewbie Raw Newbie

    You can search for a CSA to support: http://www.localharvest.org/

    I purchased a share for this growing season and can’t wait until the 3rd week of April when I’ll begin getting my weekly box of organic, local produce. :-)

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