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Any thought or benefits from anyone here adding this to their everday diet?
Just purchased my first beg however have been having it I’m sure in small amounts in my hemp powder mix. Thanks for any help.


  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I think maca is awesome. Used for many years to promote energy and fertility in both men and women. The taste may bother some people so increase the dosage you consume gradually. Make sure to get at least 1 tbls a day. Any smaller amount may not give you any noticeable affects.

  • Thanks humanimal,
    other than the fertility part how if you know does it help with energy? Aside from maca,coconut oil,e3live and raw foods what other thing could I add to my lifestyle,thanks again!I go back and forth with getting gogiberries,should I continue getting them?

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Research on maca shows that as a result of hormonal balancing it supports and helps restore the adrenal glands, which produce adrenaline. Other super foods to your diet is raw cacao powder or the whole beans,raw brazil nuts (2-4 is sufficient for selenium), dulse, kelp, MSM powder, and keep on consuming those goji berries. I also strongly suggest you get your hands on some potent herbs like pau d’ arco, cats claw, oatsraw, horsetail, nettle leaf, and butcher’s broom. Make a large batch of tea out of these and use it as a base for superfood smoothies. No teas are not raw but hot water is the most efficient way to extract all the beneficial properties in herbs. Look for my smoothie base under the smoothie section. Hope this helps!


  • Hi,thanks so much humanimal,not sure exactly how to prepare these herbs,all together? I guess I need mor detailed info.,could you direct me to a site for more info?thanks.
    also,I have cacao crushed,I sometimes put in my smoothie but rather enjoy sprinkling them in fresh dates.
    please explain brazil nuts to me…..?

    Oh,once i did buy nettles to make as tea,put it on the stove,fell asleep briefly well,burned nettles!

    Also,can,if you noe consume more alage if I take 4-5 tbls of e3live daily?????Thanks again,very helpful.

  • does anyone else take maca on a reg,basis,really would love to hear how it is working for you.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Love it! It’s great for my hypothyroid symptoms. Maca is an adptogen and goes where it’s needed for either male or female hormone support.

  • Wonderful,Thanks 123…I will now be very happy when I open my 1st brand new bag tomorrow morning. I will add it to my smoothie.

    Also,123- I mentioned earlier in my post,what do you add to your raw diet ?Thanks!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    mham, I eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts. I also use several superfoods, maca, goji berries, seaweed/kelp, camu-camu, yacon root powder, lucuma powder and cacao. I use maca and camu daily in green smoothies and the other superfoods intermittently. I was tested for allergens and food sensitivities, wheat and tomatoes being high on a short list. I don’t eat those or other grains except sprouted buckwheat. I eat extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil and rarely, nama shoyu. That’s going to end when the bottle runs dry. I use very few spices, mostly herbs I do use Himalayan sea salt. I take a raw, vegan, brown rice protein drink and have just ordered Boku Superfood. Until recently I used Dr. Schulze’s green superfood. I also use raw agave nectar. The only dried fruits that I eat are goji berries and raisins. I make kombucha tea when it’s warmer in my house than it has been this winter. I’m a little more strict with my diet than some of the rest of you need to be because I’m trying to recover from a chronic illness.

  • I have problems with estrogen production (i.e. My body won’t do it), and I’m going to start taking maca to see if I can’t do something about this (after a year of clueless doctors lol). How do you take your maca? I’m not a big fan of it in smoothies, and I’ve tried it with apple slices, but that just didn’t do it for me…

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Maca is a good thickener in sauces. Seaweed might help you as it contains iodine. I eat Brazil nuts for the selenium and pumpkin seeds for zinc. All are good for thyroid (where most hormones originate).

  • Thanks! I was just reading about maca and iodine. Good thing I also have some spirulina on hand.I LOVE it in tomato soup. I might make a maca pudding this week. Expect a recipe posted if it turns out well!

  • Besides being so tasty, and good for you, Maca is a superb salad dressing thickener! I posted a salad dressing in this site using it. Mmmmmm! (under dressings)

  • hi, i read in the Thrive diet that it is available as a gel buy i'm not sure it is completely raw and we are in uk so not sure where i would source it, but must be available in US. I feel so much better on it tho

  • beanbean Raw Newbie

    kathrynintheraw, I was wondering- I think I have some problems with estrogen production as well, just from how my health has been- what are the symptoms you have? I'm sort of at the end-of-my-rope state here, so I'd love to hear anything from your experience.

  • I used it daily at 1T in my am smoothie for over 2 weeks and saw no effect at all. i was quite disappointed. Not cheap stuff.


    Maca is the best! I'm not big fan of the taste either but I'm beiing srong and keep taiking it. Ooooh boy! i have never tried viagra but this one is more than viagra.I even have sexual dreams! Crazy! i take only 1 tbls with my green smoothy.Scared to take more :)))))))

    Higly recomended!


  • Annabelle77Annabelle77 Raw Newbie

    A co-worker of mine has started menopause SUPER EARLY-- she is not 40 yet and her once thick hair is pretty thin now-- she also struggles with her weight. Should I tell her to try Maca? Any thoughts?

  • miss soufflemiss souffle Raw Newbie

    im not a huge fan of the taste but i find berries hide it ok and i heard cocoa does AS WELL

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