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I just joined, and have been viewing this site for several days, and I can’t tell you how wonderful all the recipes sound. I have several raw cookbooks, but most of the recipes call for ingredients I can’t get or don’t have or they just don’t sound appealing. I made the broccoli salad which was the best. This site surely will be one of my favorites. Thanks


  • JoescJoesc Raw Master

    Hey! I understand how that feels to get a book and you are so excited about it and majority of the recipes are not an option to use because the ingredients are scarce and you have no clue if you would like it.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I have to alter just about every recipe I have from books. But here are a few that are really good, and use normal everyday items… I found Chad Sarno’s Vital Creations, is simple and uses every day items.His Fu Yung, Kale Salad and Apple Pie are totally brilliant, He has a chart in it of spices and foods from sifferent country’s cusine and you can make your own concoctions very easily with it. You can’t buy it from his actual website yet, but can from here The Boutenko’s books also use normal stuff, wwww.rawfamily.com . And Rhio’s book Hooked On Raw is normal and good everyday food http://www.rawfoodinfo.com/ Shazzie’s Detox Delights is pretty normal, but NOT the Naked Chocolate book, that is one to avoid!

  • RawAllaRawAlla Raw Newbie

    Zoe, I have Naked Chocolate and I love it! What don’t you like about it?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Well, Donna was saying that she was having problems with recipe books, not being able to find ingredients etc… personally I couldn’t get hold of some of the ingredients that easily or cheaply. I think I have only made a couple from the whole book. I didn’t find it as easy to use, or as good for every day deliciousness, as the other books I listed on my previous post. In Naked Chocolate, Shazzie uses ingredients that aren’t raw, which she doesn’t do in her other book Detox Delights. And the recipes use superfoods which I don’t like to use. The text promotes superfoods which I don’t personally agree with, (I think being 100% raw is plenty ‘super’ enough for me.) And I found them to have very long ingredient lists for each recipe, and a bit complicated too.

    I got the book at a time when I could eat raw cacao without it making me sick! Now it makes me feel absoluntely terrible.

    I have since discovered that it isn’t even raw. When it is fermented it reaches high temperatures, and when it is dried it reaches high temperatures. All cacao is fermented, and dried It also has a lot of caffeine in it, caffeine is a toxin, one of the worst for our bodies. It stimulates the production of the hormone cortisol which is responsible for ageing and is normally secreted as a response to stress, and there are lots of other side effects which I won’t bore you with here! Cacao never used to bother me in a bad way, and I did like it, until I became 100% raw. Then OH No it all became a totally different matter! It destroys my ’ raw high’, bloats my stomach, makes me feel ‘speedy’, makes my skin dry, gives me cooked food cravings, messes up my sleep cycle, gets me irritable. So I don’t touch it any more.

    The book praises/worships cacao, and treats it as if it is a perfect food. Not for me and many, many other raw foodists. There have been many articles written, and posts on this and other forums about problems associated with raw cacao. Jinjee and Storm have an article about it in the latest issue of their magazine “pear”. The book Naked Chocolate ignores the negative side effects of raw cacao. I can’t help but think of it as just a piece of advertising for both David Wolfe and Shazzie’s number one selling product:i.e.cacao, and the other superfoods which they sells copius amounts of.

    All in all, I found the book very disappointing, and a world away from her excellent other books (Detox Your World, and Detox Delights, which I would heartily recommend to anyone) and her brilliant online journal.

  • RawAllaRawAlla Raw Newbie

    I read her journal somewhat compulively! I really find the cocao helpful for me to overcome some of the more difficult aspects of being a compulsive eater being raw. I like the fun recipes and they so far have not made me feel bad. Possible I will evolve to a different place but for now, I appreciate the helpful transition foods in my life.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yes, I wish she hadn’t have stopped writing her journal, it was sooo addictive! I haven’t found a new raw blog to replace hers with as yet, have you?

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