Raw Musicians

This is for any members of goneraw who are active or passive musicians…amateurs and professionals are welcome…talk about upcoming gigs, how raw is influencing your artistic growth, or anything related to music (the Beatles win always!)

I’ll start…I play in a Progressive Rainbowgrass group called Momentary Prophets…we are based out of Newport News as we are finishing school.

In April we are playing for several earth-related concerts and festivals.
April 19th → Festival fest at James Madison University, in Harrisonburg
April 20th → Earth Day celebration at Christopher Newport University, Newport News
April 22 → Yet Another Earth celebration at Christopher Newport University

so…other raw musicians?


  • Cool topic! I am a musician. I am a flutist (of the classical variety) and am getting married to a jazz musician and we are both dabbling in the raw food lifestyle. I have been mostly 100% since the end of January (- a couple of social pressure situations where I have eaten at my worst processed meat…) So I would say that I am still transitioning… We are both professional but my fiance is playing more actively… My day job is mostly administration and teaching in a music school but I take the odd freelance gig now and again. I also conduct a choir. I can’t say that it has effected my playing so much… but who knows? Maybe it will!

  • sweetpeasweetpea Raw Newbie

    Hello there, I am a singer/songwriter and I have found after being 6 years raw that my voice is lighter and higher. I sing more effortlessly than I did before. I have more clarity to learn software, play piano etc. My taste in music has also changed alot. I still like some of the familiar music when I hear it on the radio but I prefer drum type music I can dance to, sort of tribal. I also like instrumental rather than vocal music.
    Myspace page is


  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    I sing and play guitar. I love all sorts of music, but when I pick up my guitar and open my mouth I turn into a folkie! Without the guitar in hands, I can sing classical and jazz!

    I don’t know if raw has changed anything musically though.

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