Girl Scout Cookies

So it is that time of year… .girl scout cookie season. And of course my bf came home with like 10 boxes, and right before I started the master cleanse too! Torture! I admit that I ate quite a few a couple of days before starting the cleanse, and will be tempted to eat many more once the MC is done. So rather that eating a box in one sitting, I figured I can take this time to come up with raw versions of the cookies. My favorite is the Caramel Delites (used to be called Samoas)... chocolate caramel and coconut. Melts in your mouth delicious. I am thinking I can make them with combining the raw chocolate recipe, shortbread recipe, the caramel sauce recipe and shredded coconut.

Has anyone made anything like this before who has any suggestions? Also, I am at a loss for how to mimic Thin Mints or Peanut Butter Patties, so any ideas would be appreciated!! Or at least anyone else who is dealing with the same form of torture!!


  • Hey I feel the same way. I love girl scout cookies and use to sell them when I was a wee one lol. Tagalongs are my fav! I think this might help.…

    It’s actually Sharonmarie’s blog who’s also on this site. She does amazing amazing things with raw that replicate the SAD versions. Enjoy!

  • SbutterAMflySbutterAMfly Raw Newbie

    I don’t have any useful information for you, but I would totally love to try your recipe when you figure it out!!! I used to love girl scout cookies before being raw… and since I’m still not 100% raw, I ate about 6 of the Caramel Delites the other day and got a splitting headache and became completely useless for the rest of the afternoon. I’d love a raw substitute! I guess that taught me…

  • Lyn-doe – Thank you so much!!!!

    I also found this link from that one with 2 more recipes….

    Now I just need to get through another week of the master cleanse before I can enjoy these…. aaaggghhhh!!!

  • I was going to point out RAWDORABLE too, Lyn-doe! She also has a recipe for donuts that look just like donuts! She is amazingly creative!

  • yeah that is actually where I found the recipes originally was her post on the welikeitraw website. That one is probably more beneficial to you since u want the samoas :-)

  • geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

    hey i just found those too..don’t they look great?

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