Sprouted black beans: the root of all evil?

The other day I thought I’d be creative and use some sprouted black beans that I purchased at the store and convert a cooked black bean dip recipe with sprouted black beans to make a raw version. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with my creation at first. Even took pictures so others could marvel at my work :). But after about an hour I started to feel tired. Then an overwhelming feeling of nausea overcame me. After several hours I eventually threw up.

In the midst of feeling ill I began googling online about sprouted black beans. I found some stories about people who got sick from eating them as well.

Now I am wondering, was this just a fluke, or are sprouted black beans not supposed to be eaten raw? I read that sprouted Lima Beans should not be consumed (research indicated a resounding no) but has anyone else had experience with sprouted beans in general (positive or heinous) ?


  • I’ve had the experience with all types of beans that they are indigestible (even when raw) and cause some constipation. I don’t eat beans (excpet when I go crazy and go for a buffet at an indian restaurant and eat beans an lentils). Either I have a sensitive stomach or those things are not meant to be eaten. Period. So it’s probably because I can’t digest them, I don’t know.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Legumes, grains and tomatoes contain certain lectins that can cause you to feel this way. None of those foods are good for the immune system and I don’t eat them because they can cause an immune response leading to exacerbations (I was diagnosed with MS). Loren Cordain has written a book about this. Other foods contain less harmful lectins. I’ll post some references if anyone is interested. Cooking beans reduces the effects. I thought sprouting did as well. I guess that I was under a false assumption. I don’t eat them either way. I do feel the effects of wheat and tomatoes nearly immediately.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I can’t really eat any sprouted beans without first steaming them briefly, otherwise I end up on the toilet for hours. I have read online that large beans like chickpeas and kidneys are toxic if eaten raw – indeed that’s the effect they have on me. I’ve always marvelled at all the raw humus recipes!! It has the same effect on my husband too.

  • heathermarsbombheathermarsbomb Raw Newbie

    thats weird….Ive never tried sprouted black beans but I have never had trouble with any other sprouted legumes…

  • Sproutpeople.com is a great resource, they recommend certain legumes for sprouting and not others. I don’t think black beans are normally recommended.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    I do not sprout any legumes after a really bad illness after consuming raw hummus. Lectins are not good. If in your cooked days, you wouldn’t eat it raw, I don’t even attempt to sprout it. The same goes for potatoes of any kind, all legumes, grains. I know many people who sprout their grains with no effect, but it’s not worth picking out all the saponins (little casings) for me. Google this for more information.

  • shellshowsshellshows Raw Newbie

    Same exact thing happened to me last night.  My experience led me here. 

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