On the road again!

I was in Chi-town a few weeks ago and got a chance to check out Karyn’s. It was so cool to have gourmet raw that I didn’t have to prepare. I went with a group of non-raw folks and gave them a tour of their dishes. IE.I explained how the bread I was eating probably took 5 days to make, etc. Thanks for folks’ suggestions in Chi-town! I’m going out of town again….Kansas City, here I come. Any suggestions for KC raw?


  • why are you goin to all these places ?

  • I went to the Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting in Chicago. In Kansas City, I’m just visiting family/friends. I have about 3 more trips planned (2 conferences, 1 family) this year and I’ll be hitting up you fine folks for more suggestions then:)

  • No raw in KC yet, except for a 1/8th an aisle at whole foods :) I’m opening a restaurant in the fall/winter though!

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