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So far, what have you learned?

Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

What is the one major life lesson you have learned? Not nessesarily only on your paths as vegans or raw, but life in general. :)


  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    Well, maybe I am impatient, but it’s been 3 whole hours and nobody has posted anything.

    So no one has learned any thing?! ;)

  • carrie6292carrie6292 Raw Newbie

    One thing, simple thing, that i’ve learned is that there is always a raw substitute to what you are craving… Plus, regular food is just not worth it! Raw food tastes so much better to me!

  • I have learned that all of the times when I was little, when adults said, “you can be ANYTHING you want to be. You can do ANYTHING you want to do. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE,” it is TRUE. Growing up, I never believed this to be true. Looking at all of the adults around me, sagging, depressed, alcoholics, obese…I thought, “how is this true…” But I now truly believe that I CAN DO ANYTHING. I have learned that I am a powerful being. Maybe physically ONE being in ONE body, but a HUGE SPIRIT. And that is a great lesson!!! I carry it with me everyday!

  • AKAAuburnEyesAKAAuburnEyes Raw Newbie

    I have learned that education is priceless, however I don’t blindly take the opinion of others or conviction of others as fact. I learn by exposing myself to all kinds of information, sifting it,processing it, and trying it out for myself, then making a connection to what I did know (or thought I did) to arrive at an “informed” conclusion.
    I have learned that what is a huge issue today I will look back on a year from now and say, why did that upset me so, it was really no big deal? I try to remind myself of that fact anytime “the small stuff” feels too big.
    I have learned that treating everyone I come across with respect and kindness is more important than rushing around with my head down and my thoughts frenzied.
    I have learned that I am personally responsible for my own happiness and life does not owe me a thing. If I want to change something, I have to do it because it will not happen spontaneously.
    I have learned that helping people is the most rewarding job I could ever have envisioned and money is just a means to an end, not a necessity.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    We are all fibers of the same blanket. Compassion for yourself leads you to compassion for others. Release your fear and embrace what you want to do. Love yourself – take care of you – and you will feel free! Run, laugh, rest, live raw, and be free!

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