Making raw foods more filling????

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My dad is going on a diet that I give him to see if it will help him have more energy and also heal a torn meniscus in his knee which doctors say surgery is the only option. I want to put him on raw foods as he has committed to a 6-8 week trial and he says he will most likely go back to McDonald’s afterwards as well as fish and other things. The problem is, he has a very fast metabolism. I wanted to slow it down with juice fasting but he is not open to that. Maybe I could put him on a 10 day master cleanse??? I do not know if he would try that or not. I told him that he needs to go on a 30 day juice fast, but he said he could not do that.

He just bought some bread that had white flour, whey, powdered milk, vitamins and some other stuff in it (brownberry bread). I told him that he cannot be having that as he needs to be eating more raw foods especially ones that do not have animal products in it. But my mom says he needs to eat something and he cannot be hungry all the time. Salads do not last long. He says that it would take at least 7 apples for him to feel full and then that would not last very long. Although a green smoothie (about three to four cups of them) last me from lunch until supper at 6:00, I do not think they will last him very long.

Soooo, what can we do to slow down his metabolism and also make his meals more filling. I want to try to make it as cheap as possible and I feel he needs to be having raw foods as if he just eats what he wants to eat (like that bread with roasted almond butter) then he most likely will not experience good results. Also my mom says that he needs to eat something, needs protein, needs fats and cannot just eat raw fruits and vegetables (because he has gotta eat something).

Sorry for the long post but any help here would be GREATLY appreciated.


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    Nobody has any tips or anything??? Just thinking, to at least keep him from buying the regular bread at the store, I will make him cooked whole wheat bread which he could have in limited quantities. Also, Ezekiel bread (sprouted whole grain bread) is on sale for $3.69 a loaf this month. Still expensive, but cheaper than normally.

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    you can make salads WAY more filling by :

    • coarsley chopping walnuts and sprinkling over as last ingredient
    • grinding sesame or flax seeds and also sprinkling over the top
    • adding alot of vegis like brocoli , mushrooms to them
    • making gaucamole / avacado to put a big spoon full on the plate

    then ide get into things like grinding up half walnuts half raisins into coarse mix , press into baking dish making about an inch thick .
    then take like 7 dry dates / cup o water / juice of lemon and blend til frosting thickness . frost the walnut / raisin mixture with it and freeze about an hour to make firm .

    bananas and walnuts or almonds are filling for me .

    almond milk smoothies with a couple bananas .

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    Ditto, I was going to say nuts, seeds, avocados on salads until he becomes used to it.
    Flax crackers with salsa, gauc, hummus (all raw)
    Trailmix with loads of great things: goji berries, currants, nuts, seeds (more seeds than nuts)...this will keep him from being hungry inbetween meals.
    Nut butters on bananas or other fruits as apples.

    If he wants to eat 7 bananas or apples, that’s ok, this will get him thru the beginning and eventually he will not need as much food. Victoria Boutenko talks about this a lot with her family when they started out raw.

    Here are some transitional snack ideas you could print out for him to put on his fridge:…

  • I also try to get my father to eat more heathy. I agree in the nuts and seeds, they are quite filling. Also try to give him bananas, they are the most filling and calorie rich fruits. If he would like a snack make him cakes from nuts or seeds and dried fruits, maybe it’s not the best food combining, but as a start it is ok. I made some to my father and he liked them! Also try to give him some dehydrated bread, he may like it. You can make some nut spread like nutella from 2 cups of nuts, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, 3-4 tablespoons of honey or agave, some water, a half teaspoon of cinnamon, and a half of a vanillabean blended together. He could use it as a spread on the dehydrated bread.

  • I just tried the Oatmeal Alive recipe on this website and it filled me up like no other breakfast I have ever had, ever. I am usually munching all day long and I could not even think about putting something in my mouth for hours afterwards. I used 1 cup oat groats (soaked over night) in the food processor with at least a quarter cup of water, sweetened with stevia, cinnamon and then added rasins. It probably would have been better if I soaked the rasins first. Also – I looked the calorie content of the oat groats and it was 160 cal for 1/4 cup – that is bound to fill anyone up!

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