Birthday Side Dishes/Appetizers that SAD eaters will LOVE

It’s my birthday quite soon and I’m having an all-raw celebration, but…there’s one or two people that will be there that are definitely more the SAD type eaters. I need a good appetizer, or side dish that is really really TASTY that all my guests will LOVE! And it needs to be made with cheaper ingredients because there will be a lot of people there and there won’t be a lot of extra money for the meal. (Cuz we’re going all out for the dessert!) I really need your ideas, and soon…because we’re doing the shopping tomorrow and I need the list today. Thanks heaps! Oh, and any great cheesecake ideas would be welcome, preferably chocolate!


  • I recommend some great dip for example zucchini hummus, tahini or guacamole with veggie sripes ( carrots, celery, cucumber).

  • Would you like my cookies and cream ice cream cake recipe? I was going to wait until I got my camera but I could post on here personlly to you if you want :) let me know

  • Stuffed mushrooms are always a hit. Once I brought homemade raw salsa and guac with dehydrated corn tortilla chips to a party. Everyone loved them and didn’t even know they were raw at first. You could also do cashew nacho cheese for dipping too.

  • you can’t go wrong with cheesy crackers and other types of things like that. Mt doritos cheesy crackers have been liked by many different sad eaters.

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    RawClaire~ whether I use it or not (I was thinking more of a cheesecake) you need to share that ice-cream cake recipe. It sounds DIVINE!!! Oh, and your cheesy crackers…I’m interested. Can you post that recipe too?

    Those are good ideas. I’m having a big mix and match salad for the main meal and I want to keep away from dips and veggies because my guests will already be loaded with them. :0) BUT keep them coming! You guys are the best!


  • Another good appie I just thought of would be slice zucchini or eggplant lengthwise into long strips and put a creamy nut cheese or pate type filling on top then roll it up and stick a fancy toothpick in it. Yum.

  • Sky Princess- I guess the ice cream cake takes a while to make, but I’ll post it as soon as my camera comes! I want the whole thing to be a surprise. Just look at my profile and you’ll see something called Doritos Cheese Crackers. Hope you like it!

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    Cheflandria’s Mango cheesecake… I’ve made 3 of them in the past month and a half already! And I’m making 2 more in the next week and a half. I haven’t made another cheesecake, but I have made plenty desserts… this mango cheesecake is at the top of our list for cakes/pies.

    As for appetizers… I don’t know what to suggest. Just your favorite dish, but mini versions of it… to serve as hors’ dourves.

  • Kids might like fruits instead of all the veggies. Maybe a sweet whipped cream type thing to dip it in. Or some sweet cookies. You can’t have a party without happy sweet snacks.

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    Those are all so good. I’m really just having family and extended family, there will be no kids except for all of us KIDS AT HEART, which means I am planning on making SWEETS. I agree with you Chris. :0)

    RawClaire, can’t wait till you get your camera. Renoir, ummm, I think that is a good idea.


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