Some replacements for McDonalds meals

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Okay guys, so it started when I was at work last night with my mother and there was someone’s daughter about my age (14) who was gorging herself with McDonald’s fries and burgers. I would prefer not to have to get tempted by sitting with her again. Does anybody have any burger recipes and fries recipes? (without grains or jicama) I’m sure these are the main ingredients in most raw burger and fries recipes but any help would be great! Thanks


  • Matt Amsden RAWvolution has a “Big Matt” that is phenomenal. I have had it at the restaurant in LA. Also Alissa Cohen has a recipe for “The Living Burger”. I don’t have either of these books or recipes though, but would love to have them if anyone else does!!

  • smoothielovesmoothielove Raw Newbie

    this “meat” uses mushrooms…

    and i know you said no jicama but what about daikon?

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    actually i don’t use grains in my patties, or jicama. if you use carrot pulp, sunflower seeds, and some extra flavors like onion, fresh fennel, red pepper, celery, a little tomato even (add spices as desired)... then blend in food processor and dehydrate for only a few hours (to make them “rare”). i find if you make them in advance, refrigerate them, then let them warm to room temp, they taste most like really harmburgers (oh that’s funny, that was a typo… but i’m leaving it)

    you can also make your own pickles (could even use that special serrated tool) by marinating sliced cukes in AVC and dill.

    you can make ketchup with sundried tomatoes and dates.

    i bought raw mustard at the grocery store.

    and lettuce leaves as “bread” (or i read someone used eggplant as bread… that might work too).

    juliano cuts avocados (i would imagine slightly firm) into sticks as fries. sunchokes would work even better, but i think they might be out of season.

    good luck ;)

  • Luna bluLuna blu Raw Newbie

    In Julianos RAW, he has a couple of really great recipes for burgs. He has a ‘french fries recipe as well. He makes them by wrapping sliced avo in his ‘natcho cheese’ slices. I highly recomend this book. Full of great recipes!

    Did you say you were 14?!!! For some reason I pictured you to be my age. 39. GOOD FOR YOU! :)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    wow. i must have been skimming. 14! may i inquire how you got to raw? that’s just so fascinating.

  • I made the Daikon fries on this site and they were very tasty. My SAD husband ate them too and was asking me if there were more of them! The one thing I did do differently was dehydrate them for awhile. I did this mostly to warm them and they went just a tad softer, which took away from the crunchy feel of fries but they were very good nonetheless.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    14! Wow! You are fabulous. I always look for your recipes.

  • rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

    Wow guys! Thanks! pianissima – After my mother began to get really ill from the cooked food, she spent a few years converting to raw food and then converted me too. I was very young, maybe 5 or 6 when I became raw. It feels so good! Thanks greenie! Really, you look for my recipes? Thanks! Thanks for the french fry tip rawrach! I’ll be making those :)

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