Raw Almonds to be Pasteurized

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As of September 2007, people may no longer be able to get raw almonds in the US and Canada. In addition, pasteurized almonds will be legally able to be labeled as “raw.”


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    Here is where you go to sign the online petition (in case some people haven’t signed it yet):


    FYI, also if anyone is planning to go the Green Festival in Chicago next weekend, stop by the Chicago Raw Food booth. We will have flyers with information about the Almond pasteurization issue. :)

  • Here is a reply from the Almond Board when I wrote to them about pasteurization:

    We appreciate your comments and suggestions about the pasteurization of raw almonds.

    The almond industry strives to provide consumers with a product that they can enjoy, that is safe, and that can benefit health. With consumers’ health and safety as its number one priority, the Almond Board of California worked with the United States Department of Agriculture to institute the pasteurization program. The purpose of this program is to ensure consumers are provided with safe, wholesome food products free from potentially harmful levels of unsafe bacteria.

    You can be assured that pasteurized almonds are as nutritious and delicious as unpasteurized almonds. The almond industry invested in independent nutritional lab analyses of pasteurized versus unpasteurized almonds. Those tests did not reveal any degradation of the taste, quality or nutritional value of treated almonds. Pasteurized almonds are still nutrient dense, a good source of protein and fiber, an excellent source of vitamin E and magnesium, and still help maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

    We understand there have been questions whether the industry pasteurization program has consumer labeling implications. These new industry regulations do not pertain to consumer labeling. Manufacturers and retailers will continue to determine how to label their products in line with FDA regulations.

    We hope you will continue to enjoy almonds knowing that they are the same wholesome food that you have enjoyed for so long.


    The Almond Board of California

  • Here is the latest news on the California almond situation: Small-scale farmers, retailers, and consumers are outraged over a new federal regulation that will require all almonds grown in California to be sterilized with various “pasteurization” techniques. The rule, which the USDA quietly developed in response to outbreaks of Salmonella in 2001 and 2004, traced to raw almonds, mandates that all almonds undergo a sterilization process that includes chemical and/or high-temperature treatments.

    The only exemption to these new regulations will be organic “raw” almonds that will not be fumigated, but will undergo the steam-heat treatment, and small-scale growers who can sell truly raw almonds but only direct to the public from farm stands.

    So it looks like truly raw almonds will be only available at farm stands.

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    Check out what Dr. Mercola found out from the Almond Board…they are going to use “Propylene oxide, which is a highly toxic flammable chemical compound! It was once used as a racing fuel, but that usage is now prohibited under the U.S. National Hot Rod Association rules for safety reasons. It is also used in thermobaric weapons. It is an epoxide.”

    I’d rather have bacteria than this toxin in my body…who knows how well the body can eliminate Propylene oxide if at all?


    Do a search for: Almond Pastuerization

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    Here an article on this issue:


    The chemical that they plan to pasteurize with is the same one they make bowling balls out of! Eww!!

    The organic farmer will probably go the heat route – not that they WANT to go any route at all!

    Everyone please keep calling and complaining to the Sec. of Ag. They will probably give you the run-around – but the more people that bug them the more chances we have to see some happening in our favor. Here is the info. You can call or fax or email and let me how you feel about the raw almond pasteurization issue!

    call Mike Johanns, Sec of Dept of Ag phone 202 720 3631 fax 202 720 2166 email mike.johanns@usda.gov

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    Thanks queenfluff, I just sent out an email to him.

  • I just sent an email as well. This is so stupid. What a fascist country we live in. They’re tyring to make it even harder to be healthy.

  • The whole idea is to make sure the population is unhealthy and dependent on drugs and crappy foods. That way the companies who make the drugs and crappy food have the huge earnings and control on our lives. Let’s fight for our rights now before they take everything away.

  • Don’t forget about the insurance companies who are making out like bandits. Costs keep increasing to keep up with our sick population.

    Stay healthy.

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    xbillyx, I love your picture of the seattle skyline. I am from Vashon Island. Oh, how I miss my Mt. Ranier and Puget Sound. I am getting homesick!

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