soaked nuts gone bad?

I was going to make some pine nut parmascean and I soaked my pine nuts with a probiotic. Any how, I got busy and left it too long soaking. There is a slime in with the nuts and some of the nuts have changed color and have purple spots. Have they gone bad?

They smell very nice and fermented though. I rinsed them off but I am not sure whether I should use them now.

Should I not use them?


  • What is the propose of your soaking nuts with probiotic? I wouldn’t use the nuts that had been sitting in slimy liquid.

  • i’m going to have to agree with hungry girl.. what was the need for the probiotic?

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    When I make nut cheese, I pre-soak the nuts in water and probiotic. Then I blend (with the soaked water which contains the probiotic) and dehydrate – it increases the tanginess of the nut cheez. I know it sounds weird but it works.

    I think I am going to toss the nuts and start over.I am bit too worried that the nuts might make me sick if I eat them. Some of the skins have come off too.


  • I would soak in clean water and then add the probiotic during blending.

  • What is “probiotic”?

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie


    You can read about probiotic here: Basically, you can use it to ferment foods and it is supposed to add a “good” bacteria to your system. (the short way of explaining it).

    I use it to make ‘sour’ or ‘tangy’ things like sour cream or nut cheezes. If you leave the mixture of nuts and probiotic and water out to ferment for a few days, it renders a tangy, sour taste to it. :) I use Country Life Power Dophillus to make my fermented items.


    For certain things, like my raw sour cream, I ususlly do soak in clean water first than do the probiotic when blending. My bf thinks you should soak the nuts in the probiotic first to make a good nut cheese so I was doing it that way but I am starting to think it would work either way. I always have excellent results when I make my sour cream (always turns out right) so I think I am just going to switch to “my way” of doing it when I make other types of nut cheeze too. :)

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