Raw Fresh Figs?

rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

Ok, my grocery deosn’t sell fresh figs, but I really want to get them. Does anybody know where to order them? Thanks!


  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Fresh figs are not in season. Unless you live Down Under. Here in Italy it’s about September/October, so I assume it’s the same more or less wherever in the northern hemisphere. You might be able to find some imported ones or greenhouse ones however.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I live in WA and we don’t start getting figs til maybe late summer to fall time frame.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    OOOOOH we use to have them in the backyard of our old house!!!!! How I miss them!! They were absolutely, incredibaly delicious and juicy and sweet and extremely vibrant-coloured in the inside!

    They are in season up here in Vancouver about the same time as WA. I bought some once at a farm market but the inside was kind of brown coloured so they weren’t completely fresh. Maybe you could ask your local grocer when thy are in season and around that time, you can ask when they are going to arrive so you can get them as fresh as possible. That’s what I’m going to do! Good luck!

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