hormones in the drinking water

Did anyone else hear on the news about hormones and other steroids and drugs being found in drinking water? I guess its being excreted out through urine (very small amounts that are not absorbed by the body of coarse) and then it does not get filtered out at the waste plant (or whatever that place is called) and it is also not purified out at water purifying places (they also don’t check the water for drugs) So now they are finding hormones in the drinking water and ocean water. In the ocean the birth control hormone is causing problems for male fish. They are being found with female parts and something else i can’t remember probably something about problems reproducing. One lady came on saying the small amounts that are found in the drinking water shouldnt effect humans. Anyway did anyone else hear about this?


  • yup and other pharmaceuticals


    although this link might not be the same as what you are referring to. I read about the fish thing before somewhere …

  • I heard about that too and it’s awful! What sucks is that we’re so industrialized and people go to a “doctor” and complain about everything and just take a pill to fix it. Our bodies don’t absorb everything so it passes through us and we flush it. (People also flush pills and stuff when it expires.) I’m sorry but our ancestors didn’t have these issues. Oh wait, they ate better, and didn’t sit on their butts all day. Maybe we should try that. =O Wow… what an idea.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    smoothielove, I heard it too and it gave me chills. Here we are choosing to take the natural route and we have no choice but to take everyone else’s drugs! My husband studies pollutants in whales (everything eventually runs into the sea) and they’ve been shocked at the areas of the world’s oceans where they’ve found fire retardants and heavy metals, among other pollutants in whales. He’s hoping pollution, whether it’s pcb’s, pesticides, and now drugs, will be the next big issue now that climate change is common knowledge. Especially now that humans know they can’t escape it, maybe it will be a blessing???

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I read it, but it’s not news. That’s been known for decades but the media doesn’t bother to report it enough unless their sales are slowing down. Jerks.

    Anyhow, it’s one of the reasons I don’t take any drug unless absolutely neccessary and that includes birth control pills. I don’t want some little child drinking my laziness.

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    I read that in the newspaper and that really pissed me off. Not a lot of things make me mad but when it deals with the health of others thats when I flip. Feed the pills to people who want them! OK I feel better now :)

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