Caffeine Catastrophe!

Hello all…does this ever happen to anyone after reintroducing caffeine into their system?

So two years ago I was doing some music research in Vietnam (at this point in my life i didn’t even know raw food was a lifestyle, I was still in SAD land enjoying my beefy pho soup.) Every morning I drank some strong Vietnamese coffee with breakfast, it was mighty tasty. Then after 2 weeks in Hanoi my research buddy and I went to the central part of Vietnam, Hue to study with musicians. I didn’t drink any coffee for about 2 days and my body crashed. Horrible headaches, fever, etc. I wasn’t sure if it was caffeine related or a reaction to the changing of environment. I wrote the experience off…

Skip to this weekend. I was getting ready to go to the gym and I noticed I still had some Goji Berry Green Tea in my cupboard. I think to myself, ‘hmmm, i ought to drink that before it goes bad…mmm goji berries…’ So i drank a cup. Felt great that day…now it is Tuesday and all of Sunday and Monday I had a very obnoxious and opressive headache as well as the beginnings of a fever…I believe the culprit to be the sly and manipulative drug we call caffeine. Thoughts?


  • Definitely! Caffeine is extremely powerful, more powerful on a raw body.

  • It sounds like the demon caffeine. Any personality changes? When I was quitting coffee I was a paranoid wolverine for days.

  • not really, it was the first time in a few months I had drinken or eaten anything with caffeine…which was what boggled me. I only drank one cup of tea, but the next 2 days my body seemed to be saying ‘you bastard! you put that caffeine in me and we didn’t even want it then but now we feel like we want it…here’s a headache”

    I been mostly mopey the past 2 days because of the headache, though I felt better after spending some time biking and exercising

  • I am right there with you!

    Before going raw I would wake up with headaches every morning because I needed caffeine and would usually end up drinking an entire pot of coffee on my own before lunch! Geez… I hate admitting that! Anyways, I tried to cut back numerous times but my headaches were just too out of control and I always failed until I went raw. When I decided to go raw I cut out all caffeine and AMAZINGLY didn’t have the crazy headaches like I would have every other time I would try to cut back.

    However, the little coffee shop around the corner called my name the other day and I decided to drink just a small cup. Felt happy and great the rest of the day, but I woke up the next morning with a headache and felt a little sick until later that evening. (But the coffee was just SOOO warm and good!) It happened to me too so I definitely think your symptoms could have came from caffeine!

    BTW, I drank a bunch of green juice and exercised the next day. I think that may have helped me feel better! Hope you feel better soon!

  • I cut out caffeine about 8 months before going raw. I had about 10 days of withdrawal, mostly headaches. I had initially planned to just go a month without, but once I got off the caffeine, I had so much more natural energy that I didn’t even need the caffeine to wake up any more and I never wanted to go through the withdrawal again so I just never went back to daily coffee or diet coke. Every once in a while I would still go to Starbucks, but I would just get a tall drink instead of a triple grande, and even that small amount had me cracked out.

    Diet coke was a worse addiction for me than coffee though, so I was probably detoxing not only the caffeine, but the artificial sweeteners and the other chemical crap in there. I am soooo glad I don’t drink that stuff anymore. I cringe now when I see other people drinking soda and I want to scream “STOP! Don’t do it!!”

  • does anyone have this issue with cacao? we’ve been putting cacao and maca in our smoothies, and oh my goodness, do we ever get energy! way more than when we used to drink coffee.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I can’t have coffee or alcohol cuz it sends me into tachycardia. Even too much cacao/chocolate will do it. Coffee is best avoided.

  • Mandelicious – I’ve always loved coffee and always been easily affected by it, headaches, etc. I’ve been off coffee for over a year and I think I’d notice any similar affects. So, no on the cacao. I have it about every other day, usually in the afternoon for a little energy boost. But if I don’t get it I don’t get a headache or feel that my body needs to have it. But, I do admit, that I can’t have more than 2 Tbs in one day or else I feel…. dizzy, floaty, something like that. Weird, really.

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