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I was wondering if anyone else on here suffers from this?

Apparently there’s a lot of sickness symptoms that are related to the exaggerated EMF pollutions of our environment… theres more info on this site http://www.electrosensitivity.org/ and the other one i mention below..

After i went raw i became more sensitive to everything, and this also was electrically speaking. It became difficult for me to ride in the car on the freeway (a necessity in los angeles) without becoming sick, and my cell phone hurt worse than ever. About 2 months ago I stopped using my cell phone because of the radiation. It was because I physically couldn’t use it anymore…the throbbing headaches, ringing in the ears, the aching in my hands too…and after i stopped using it i found out about how dangerous cell phones are! but thats another topic…

I got a resonator from this site : http://earthcalm.com/pages/main.php?pg=electros… which is supposed to help…i dont know to what extent it works but for sure i don’t get sick in the car anymore. I thought it was the pollution on the freeway but I guess its because when you turn your car on the spark plugs charge the whole metal car and its like your inside this electrical vortex… the same with airplanes.. i get so sick on airplanes!

Anyone else have this experience? anyone else feel like their cell phone or laptop is kryptonite?


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    I can’t go into the electronic department of most stores. One’s that are more open I can usually stand for a minute or 2 but in most cases I can’t stand it at all. I can barely handle going into Best Buy without getting sick, that store kills me! ... headaches, nausea, dizziness…

  • Is a resonator the same as the Q-Link?

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