Green Smoothies and food combining???

Obviously, there are a ton of green smoothie drinkers on gone raw here. I was wondering what people thought about food combining. We are not supposed to mix fruits and vegetables though Apples and greens or apple juice and carrot juice is said to be the one exception. What about bananas?? Or blueberries?? What about rhubarb?? Mango? A lot of these fruits people put in their smoothies and the smoothie gives ya a lot of energy. I drink at least three cups at a time for lunch usually and it stuffs me up until supper. But, maybe it is better not to drink them because of poor food combining or maybe bananas are an exception as well or maybe with greens it does not matter, only other veggies??? Any insights?


  • Greens are NOT vegetables and therefore combine excellently with fruits. Victoria Boutenko has a great section in her book Green for Life that discusses the difference, which is very important one. But basically greens are leafy and everything else is a vegetable! Boutenko argues that we don’t actually need vegetables and I definitely agree with her.

    I think you have to go with your stomach with regards to combining fruits. My green smoothie has two bananas and a cup of strawberries in it and I never have any problems.

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