Afternoon Slump!?????

This has not happened much in the past but these last two days I have been tired around now until 3:00 or so. I go and drink a quart of water with some apple cider vinegar and then take some bee pollen or maybe some cayenne or whatever works and gives me energy and I beat it out. Is this detoxifying??? I have been eating more raw foods but stick to a cooked meal along with my salad at night usually.


  • what do you eat until 3 p.m.?

  • I find that when or if I eat cooked foods, it makes be tired so I try to eat only fruit in the morning. I might have a banana and an apple. Sometimes two apples. Today I had an orange, half a grapefruit, an apple and a frozen banana, Lunch was a green smoothie made with an apple, two bananas, some collards and romaine and rhubarb. I then had a small batch of pasta made with zucchini, olive oil, basil, salt, pepper, oregano, and paprika.

  • The pasta may be dragging you down. When your body gets used to whole fruits and veggies, and then cooked processed durum semonila is thrown in the the mix, it is probably taking your body a lot of work to digest.

  • No, It was raw Zucchini noodles. Really good!!!

  • I have the same issue, and (still) rely on sugar and caffeine (though a lot less) to get me through!

    My naturopath suggested that I could be exhibitng signs of adrenal insufficiency.

  • You might try a green juice in the a.m. when you first get up. Greens = energy. And green juice is pretty powerful.

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