somone posted...I cannot find it now but,

wanted to tell you that I saw the frozen acai today and there were two diff. brands and both contained evaporated cane juice. What brand was mentioned here that did not contain sugar?


  • here is the thread

    Amazon Mania is the brand

  • link from Amazon Mania’s website:…

    it looks like you have to get the raw kind …

  • Thank-you so very much redhouse foe giving me this info. Although reading the thread made me wonder if I should even bother????Do you take it?

  • I have been interested in acai for awhile, but no raw sources, so … I have not tried it.

    I would try the frozen raw brand, but of course if I were in Brazil I could actually get fresh ones. Also other benefits of the acai berry may outweighat the risk of damaged enzymes due to freezing.

    I actually inquired about the raw frozen acai from the company to see where I can get it, and perhaps try it.

  • Should I be worried about the cane juice? I don’t eat sugar like that usually,but am curious about it thsanks and more info from all will be much appreciated!

  • I would not eat the kind with cane sugar, but it is your decision. The one I provided a link for, to the company, amazon mania, does not put sugar in their raw version.

  • I agree redhouse sugar is bad. I think I may try to order from the site you suggested. This is silly and I have mentioned this before but I have NEVER purchased on line before,It makes me nervous even though I know so many who do. If I do I get it I will def. let all of you know how it is.Thanks again.

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